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BabyValley's boards ! Animation

October 29, 2010 11:25PM
| Admin

Spooky time of the year !

Treat or tricks, candies... no, really, in Halloween, what we like is spooky, hair-rising stories !

What happens in the Valley in the eve of All Saints Day, when the ghosts rise and the spirits come to our world ?

We're not in the real world here... we're in the Valley (insert creepy music here).

In this contest, you will be asked to imagine a Halloween story happening in our valley. Will we see were-moderators ? Haunted bottles ? What will you see in the Storks Nest when you go treat-or-tricking with your toddlers ?

You may use basic Halloween stories, but try to be imaginative and original... it's a night of surprises !

Be respectful of others, living or dead (especially in this day...) : don't steal ideas. Inspiration is okay ; plagiarism is not.

As usual, our 3 categories :
- ghosts, up to 11
- vampires, 12-15 (included)
- zombies, 16 and more

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One Halloween night, there were 3 little vampire babies trick or treating around the Valley. They were so happy that Halloween had finally came. They were all dressed as baby zombies!

They went door to door and got so much candy! They traded candies and laughed all night long! By mistake, the babies went too far out and they ended up in the Creepy Valley Forest! They roamed around, trying to find their way home. They heard howls of wolves and owls and ''Boos'' of ghosts. They tried everyway to get home but they never made it.

The babies walked, it had seemed like forever! Finally, they came across this haunted house. The wind blew so hard and it was so cold, the babies decided to go in just to warm up but they didn't know a dangerous spirit lived in this house... When the 3 little babies came to the door, they knocked. No one opened the door so they opened the door. The house was full of spider webs and blood stains. One of the babies walked into the kitchen to see if anyone lived there while the other 2 babies stayed near the fire place to warm up. All of a sudden, the baby in the kitchen, saw the words, "Get Out" written on the wall with blood. The baby was tough and ignored it. When he sat down on a chair in the kicthen, the chair started to rise in the air. The baby was so frightened, he screamed. When his younger brother came in to see what was going on, he saw his own brother, on the floor, stiff and covered in blood.

His brother got so scared, he just froze. He didn't know what to do so he tried to see if anyone was in the house. When he thought he saw something, he yelled. His younger sister came running in the room and saw his brother, stiff and covered in blood. The last baby was so scared, she had no one! When she turned around, she saw words written on the wall, "Your brothers are gone. If you want to save your own life, leave me in peace and leave!" The last baby was so frightened, she just froze and the same thing happened to her
- stiff and covered in blood on the floor.

These souls of the vampire babies stayed in this house and never ever left. On Halloween night, whenever someone comes in the house, they always protect them from the spirit who killed the babies... or a better way to say it, kill these people themselves!

Have a safe Halloween and a Happy Halloween!
-Babylover1234, Teen (Aged 13)

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October 30, 2010 12:56AM
Ghosts and babies!

Last year, in the Halloween night, one strage stork came in the Valley!
The stork had to give a baby to the new family who has just moved here! The family moved in a haunted house! They had a little baby girl but she's a ghost! They named her Lisa!

This year, in the Halloween night, Lisa is one year old and her parents let her to go out with other babies on ‘trick or treat’!
When she met the other babies, they were scared of her! And she started crying ' No baby will go with me on ‘trick or treat’ because I'm wierd! ' When an another baby - Lilly, heared Lisa, she wanted to go for cheer up her!
All the babies said to Lilly horror stories about ghosts to make her to be afraid to go to Lisa! But Lilly said that Lisa can't do anything bad to her if she will speak friendly!

Lilly: Why are you sad?
Lisa: Everybody is scared by me because my mom is a ghost and my dad is a vampire! But we're still friendly! All the stories about us are not real! I wanted to go with someone on ‘trick or treat’! Not alone! This is the first time when I go on ‘trick or treat’! It had to be special!

Lilly: Why are you thinking that you'll go alone on ‘trick or treat’?
Lisa: Do you want to go with me?
Lilly: Of course, better to go with you than to go with my snobby friends!
Lisa: Thank you!

Lilly and Lisa shared a horse costume! And because the girls shared the same costume, nobody saw that Lisa is a ghost!
Lilly and Lisa had a very beautiful Halloween night because the girls got more candies than every baby!

When Lisa and Lilly arrived at Lisa's home, Lisa's parents had a surprise for Lisa! They got a little vampire brother for Lisa!
Lisa's parents let her to choose the name of her little brother but Lisa let Lilly to choose the name of her little brother and she named him Charlie!

In this night, Lilly learned that the friends can have every shape but what is inside cares! Nothing else!

Age: 12 years old!

- Sophie - Katelyn - Kaden - Charlotte - Alex - Robert - Jessie - Izabella - Abigail - Edward - Selena - Claire - Nicholas - Alina - Melissa - Charlie - Riley - Kiley - Roxana - Rory - Gianna - Anthony - Théodore - Manuella
- Abelia - Răzvan - Lucky - Anastasya - Xavier - Tailynn -

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October 30, 2010 02:25AM
one time ago a baby went to their neighbor and rang the doorbell when they opened the door the baby said. " trick or ..." the baby was quickly pulled into the dark scary house all was silent but creaking noises. soon big breezes of air passed the baby's face and made the baby super scared. the baby soon tried to scream but she couldnt. it was like the baby was put on mute and when tried to talk couldnt say a word. so the baby walked farther into the house and fell in a hole in the floor. when the baby lifted her head she came to find a skeleton staring her straight in the face.

meanwhile it had been hours and the baby's parents began to worry because she had not come home. so they went out asking all the trick or treaters if they had saw her. unfortunately no one had noticed her at all. so the parents were walking home and a old man with an all black hoodie came over and confronted the parents..( but could not see the old mans face) your daughter wondered into the house next door. then the man ran off.

the parents tried the neighbors 2 see if she was there. they rang the doorbell and the door quickly opened with a swoosh and quickly shut when they stepped in. they soon heard a loud knocking sound as they moved on....and they fell in the same hole the baby did. they found their baby but couldnt find a way out! "BOO!" and loud sound was heard and a pale ghostly face appeared in front of them and they tried to scream but couldnt.....more ghosts came and scared them and circled them and no one out side could here their cries soon the parents and the baby turned to ghosts themselves and are still here today scaring people on halloween....

I am 13 years old

Edited 5 time(s). Last edit at 10/31/2010 04:08AM by banae1.
October 30, 2010 02:26AM
Can i just say good storiess

Edit Charliella: No rambling, just the contest here.

My angel is the best and looking for a dad,godfather,boyfreind

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 10/31/2010 10:30AM by charliella.
Edit Charliella: Please don't accuse others, the mods will decide what's accepted and what's not - it won't increase your chance of winning telling on people. wink

I know, just thinking of younger children that it might scare them. wink

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 10/30/2010 02:50PM by babylover1234.
October 30, 2010 03:13AM
the spookiest time of the year to go cricketing-with Time your friends.

Edit Charliella: No rambling, just the contest here please wink

Baby Valley - The valley of babies

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 10/30/2010 12:14PM by charliella.
October 30, 2010 03:19AM
those are good stories to i agree with u

Edit Charliella: No rambling just the contest here please wink

Baby Valley - The valley of babies

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 10/30/2010 12:15PM by charliella.
Baby Billy tossed and turned in his stone cold, hard cot. It was Halloween night, the children were out collecting sweets and candy, but no-one was to know the horrors appearing in the houses of the long distance Levins twins.

Billy sat up in his little cot, and un-done the latch. He jumped out, and walked, as if he were searching for prey, into the kitchen. He pulled on his blood stained night coat, which was not visible in the day, and walked out of the unlocked front door. Prowling around the streets of the town, Billy was on search for his twin brother. Looking into the houses of the citizens, Billy, suddenly grew fierce fangs, and a full mouth of teeth. Soon enough, he came to 21 Kilroy Gardens.

Pulling up his cut and bruised baby hand, he smashed the window of the lounge. Searching his way around the house, he crawled up the stairs one by one. As if by a curse, his twin brother Charlie walked out and onto the red lighted carpet. Waiting for Charlie's eyes to open, he lashed out his long, overgrown claws onto Charlie and pulled him closer. Sinking his horrible vicious fangs into Charlie's pale neck.

Suddenly Charlie's eyes grew bright orange, and they walked down the stairs alternatively. Getting to the front door, they walked out, to search for their new victim.

Age 12.

Edit Charliella: You may want to split this into paragraphs to make it easier to read wink Also age?

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October 30, 2010 07:56PM
The Griffin family were excitedly preparing their home for Halloween night. They were pulling their dusty cardboard boxes with decorations from the attic, and displaying paper skeletons and fake spiderwebs all about the outside of their house. In the kitchen, Sarah Griffin, the mother was removing a tray of sugar cookies from the oven, placing it on the table, and supplying her 5 and 7 year old daughters (Molly and Kate) with orange frosting and sprinkles to decorate with. The children happily sat and decorated their halloween cookies with scary faces, and cool pictures. Sarah Griffin cleaned up the tools she used for her baking, and continually glanced over at baby Ruby in her high chair,who was nibbling on a carrot. Upstairs in her bedroom, Annie (the Griffin's 12-year-old daughter) slipped into her rock star diva costume, and posed in the mirror to decide how she looked best. She straightened her hair, and pulled it into a cool hairdo, finishing it off with her microphone headset. Finishing up the last of her lip gloss, she grabbed her cellphone, and dashed downstairs.
"I need to go to my halloween party now, Mom." Annie told her mother.
"Okay honey, just a minute," Sarah said, washing her hands, "Molly and Kate can you guys go put on your costumes please?" Both girls shot up from the table, and sprinted to their rooms, giggling with excitement. Mike Griffin, the Dad, then comes into the kitchen.
"The cookies smell great!" He says, smiling.
"Thanks darling," Sarah says, as the two exchange a quick kiss, "can you do me a favor, and go put Ruby in her little ducky costume please? I have to drive Annie to her party."
"Sure thing." Mike replies, unstrapping Ruby, and removing her from her high chair. Ruby pulled at Mike's cheek, and nibbled on his sweater. Mike brings Ruby to her bedroom, and lies her down on the changing table. He turns away, and goes to the closet, to begin the search for her costume. Then all of a sudden there was a big thump, followed by a scream. Molly was shrieking from her bedroom.
Mike whipped his head around, to find that Ruby was no longer lying on the changing table, and the window right next to it was wide open. The wind blew the sheer curtains all over the table. Mike sprinted to Molly's bedroom, to find her curled in the corner on her bed, looking terrified.
"What happened Molly?" Mike asked, frantically searching for Ruby around her room at the same time.
"R-r-r-Ruby...she...she..." Molly began, shaking.
"Yes honey?"
"She's different...she's a monster... she wanted to hurt me!"
"What on Earth..." and then Mike spotted baby Ruby crawling down the hall, towards Molly's bedroom. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she had two long, pointy teeth protruding downwards from her upper gums. Just a little bit of blood on her chin. Kate following close behind with the same vampire-esque features....

Age 14

Edit Sarabi : Please write in paragraphs, like others did.

Dingdong500 <3

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October 30, 2010 08:47PM
Smiles and Tears

It happened last week. I was the happiest mother in the world. My husband and I had been blessed with three beautiful children. Layla, Charlie and Alexa. The twins, Charlie and Alexa were only born last month. The second they came I felt odd, a bit scared and shocked. They didn't cry, just stared at us.

So anyway, I was sleeping when I heard a startling crash. "Hello?" I whispered. I looked to my side where Daniel laid beside me.
Thump! Crash! Boom! Layla crying...
"Layla! Ma-Ma is coming, don't worry!" I yelled to her.
As I ran to her room I noticed something. I hadn't seen Charlie and his sister in their beds... Why was that?
"Mommy! Ma-Ma! Help me!" I heard Layla scream, who had turned three that week.

I began to shake violently. I was nervous, and my first thought was of the both of the twin's eyes: redish-brown. Finally I arrived at the door of Layla's bed-room. Ont the ground laid the twin's bodies and Alexa's. The oldest child spilling blood.
On the window it said: "Our job is done" written in my beloved daughter's blood. I ran to the three of them. A tear-stained face laid upon Layla's pretty, but on the Twin's there were smug little smiles.

Age: 11

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October 31, 2010 02:43AM
its spooky time of the year and its gonna be scary!so...ghost and goblins witches too have i got a treat for you!October 31st a good sunday night so you can dress up in your costumes and go out and trick or treat hurry up dont be scared so beware so you can see the scareist things that you ever seen so go and get some goddies and dont forget to get LOTS of candy.Better be scared timmany

Edit Charliella: Age?

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October 31, 2010 03:30AM
BébéDoes this give me money if so ....

There was a girl named Elsie but she wasn't ordinary, every day she would come to school with something red around her mouth she said it was cherries but who eats cherries for breakfast(if you eat cherries for breakfast no offense)and when ever somebody got cut and started bleeding Elsie was always nearby or be the only one to ask someone to dare her to eat it .One day out at reeses Carl fell on the ground then started gushing out blood,Elsie started having a secure then just ran over and ate Carl's whole leg everyone knew she was a vampire then and knew that since Carl's leg wouldn't grow back he was a Zombie.
The End Bébé

Edit Charliella: Yes if you win wink Age?

Baby Valley - The valley of babies

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October 31, 2010 04:48PM
The violet bow

There once was a 5 year old girl, named Evelynn. She and her mom, dad and older sister Mary lived in a small village. In that village was a house, that rummor said, was haunted. Of course Evelynn was't scared of it and thought that the stories weren't true.

On halloween, Mary and her friends went trick-or-treating, while Evelynn and her best friend Melanie weren't allowed to go, because they were "too young". They decided to go see the haunted house for themselves. Evelynn was always wearing her violet bow including today.

They walked over to the house and knocked on the door. It oppened, making a squeeky noise. Evelynn got chills on her body, but went on with courage. Melanie was very scared and stayed at the door, while Evelynn went on. She walked over to the stairs, looked up and saw a little girl's face.

She was very curious about the little girl and quickly ran up the stairs. At the end of the hall was a room with toys in it. Evelynn noticed the doll moving by itself and oppened the door fully. There she saw just a mild reflection of a little girl, playing.
She realised it was a ghost girl. When she tried to look at her face, all she saw were red eyes, before passing out.

Melanie got very worried, because Evelynn wasn't back for a while. She got some courage and went up the stairs to that room. When she walked in, all she saw inside was a violet bow, the rest of the room was completelly empty.

The police and all of the neighbors were looking for Evelynn for weeks, months.., but they never found her.

A few years later, 2 best friends went to the same house, and saw a little girl, but she was different, wearing a violet bow...

I'm 14.

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October 31, 2010 09:12PM
One scary night out in the valley Kalee and I went trick or treating. We stopped by the storks nest. Standing by the storks nest were 2 storks. They had told me how they had lost 6 toddlers already. As they gave me a discription of the toddlers,I heard a mysterious sound. And when I turned around I saw the buck tooth ZOMBIE. He was with his friend the stupid GHOST. I come to find out that they were the ones who stole the toddlers. THE END MOOOOAHHH

im 12

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 11/10/2010 12:15AM by jayjay1900.
October 31, 2010 11:06PM
Does anyone know how to enter the contest??? Yep i am new...,.

Edit Aylala : You just post your text on here, that will enter you automatically. No need to do something else before. (: Don't forget to tell your age.

Natalie- LOVE and PEACE

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November 01, 2010 07:31PM

The sky was black and the full moon hung glistening in the sky. Kids ran all over screaming and laughing. The Valley where me and my daughter live is very big on Halloween. Pumpkins decorated the streets and almost every house was adorned with spooky decorations. I dressed Hanna up in a cute princess costume and we were on our way. She bubbled with excitement.
Our very friendly neighbors gave Hanna loads of candy....she beamed with gratitude. One house stood at the end of the street. I was covered in mist and stood old and spooky looking there for the past two hundred or so years. Everyone said that and old man lived there and that he ate little kids for Halloween. Hanna was a very brave little girl and begged me to take her over there. Me being the mom could really express my hesitation. As we approached the house it looked scarier than ever. We pushed open the gate and it creaked loudly. the lawn was overgrown and i felt something scurry across my foot. I jumped and held in my frightened shriek.I knocked on the door and an old man answered.
'Who's gone you rotten kids.' He flung open the door and yelled. Hanna ran behind my leg and i stood there frozen. Fear gripped me like no other fear i had ever felt in my life. An old man stepped out of the darkness to expose his gaunt face. 'Sir we mean no harm....we are just trick or treating.' I mumbled. 'Haven't you listened to the stories..i eat little kids like yours for breakfast, lunch and dinner.' 'I don't believe that at all.' 'Well you shouldn't , a long time ago on Halloween some rotten kids egged my house, i called them inside to call their parents, the next day they tell everyone i tried to eat them and a whole bunch of nonsense.' 'I knew you were good, some kids are nice not like those other kids, you know.' 'I' He dropped a piece of candy into Hanna's basket and we we gone. My little kid had more faith than me. Hanna made it her business to tell everyone in school how nice Mr. Bean is. No one in the Valley ever made fun of him again. Too bad for being scred of the mean old man on the corner for Halloween anymore.
November 02, 2010 01:49AM
I was in hospital, with my husband. My second little baby had just been born. His name was Axel. His 9 year old brother was Landon. October 31st, Axel came into our world. Landon was very much looking forward to Halloween.he and his friend were looking forward going house to house taking candy from strangers, playing tricks, and watching scary movies. Of course all that was ruined. Landon resented his brother. For missing one holiday, His brother was evil. The next year, Landon wanted to take Axel trick-or-treating with some friends. Me and my husband agreed to let them go.

Landon and his friends were pulling Axel in the wagon. When they turned the corner, they were out of site. They walked, and walked. up a big, dirty, hill, to a cemetery. 1 year old Axel started to cry. He started to look around, but his brother, and his brother's friends started running away, to the neighborhood, to trick-or-treat. After a couple of hours, Landon's friends wanted to go back and grab Axel. But Landon wanted to leave him there. After about 2 more hours, me and my husband got very worried. I stayed home, while my husband went around town looking. after screams of fun, there was one person with screams of terror. No. there were 2. He followed the screams up to the cemetery, where 2 little boys sat together, huddled up, crying. My husband took them and hid them behind a try. But with a trick up his arm. a half hour passed. Finally the group of boys came back up. Scared, terrified out of their minds, that the babies are gone! Panicking, Racing around, finally the dad came out from behind the tree, scaring the wits outta the boys. "you are truly the evil one." he said in a scary, zombie, like voice.
All the boys ran home, crying, and with wet pants. They didn't look back. Not even Landon for his brother! boy, he was in soo much trouble, when he got home..
But he then learned to accept his brother, and never left him again

The End

Edit Charliella: Age?


Call me Dana
♫Beatles..they taught me how love <3
♫Eminem...taught me how to live and not care about being judged <3

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November 04, 2010 12:50AM
it was Halloween and one little 4 month old baby boy was playing with his father but he had a secret so deep and so dark he could never tell his mother,father,not even his 2 moth old sister. at night he grew fangs and claws and fur he didn't eat people he only ate animals.
one knight he decided he would try just for one knight he would eat a person. so he ate his worst enemy a 6 year old kid who always bullied him. he snuck into his house and bit his head off! of coures the parents heard their child scream but when they got to the bed room all they found was the kids shoe. what was the baby you ask well i can't tell you then his secret would be known.


Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 11/04/2010 12:53AM by flower5342.
November 04, 2010 01:05AM
one spooky halloween night in the valley where all the liltle babys and toddlers live there were a loud Boom it was only 10:00pm so everyboy were mostly woke when everybody came outside and came to look at what was going on there in the middle of the street there lay a golden bottle with a letter that said " DEAR PEOPOL I AM RETURNING AND BACK WITH MORE TRICKS UP MY SLEEVE" LOVE None of your bussiness. One of the neighbors looked up and said we cant let this happen and another said but how can we stop it and another said what about our babys. Suddenly there was a long pause no one said nothing for the pass 3 minutes some one said" lets get the babies out and take them somewhere. But Where cryed out a lady no where if this person or thing is ready to scare us then we are ready to get scared am i right? yeah cried everyone so the next day everyone was out buying garlic pepper spray and big cribs where the babys would be close to their mothers without being seen by this thing or person and when midnight came all the mothers from te valley were there then suddenly there standing in front of them were a real live ghost and witch said nothing because he seemed as scared as all of the mothers so he camly said " uh....uh... i will be back nex year and when i do you surley shoudlt be prepare and as he left he mumble under he breath " ruined my whole plan." and they all live spookly ever after. THE END smiling smiley

Ghost 9 years old


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