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November 04, 2010 02:43AM
On Halloween night two best friends about 6 there names where Madison and Amber whent trick or treating. They ende up at the old ladys house at the end of the street. They when't uo to in to gether and knock on the door no anser they knock agane no anser. Then the door opens there waqs noone there Amber look inside and said to Madison that they should cheak it out. Madison din't what to but Amber said it would be Ok. As the grils when't in Amber saw a door wade open and she whent in then Madison waited five minutes then she when't in and the door slam'd shut the grils never got out of the house. Then 2 yeas later too best friend when't into the house at the end of the street they did go in and they did get out but they said they saw too girls about they age of 6 saying two hlep them get out.

Ghost age 10

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i see it is halloween time so we need...ghost goblin and other scary things because it is spooky time of the year so get your costume on go trick or treating youll get lots of candy like i did and it well be wonderfull happy halloween!p.s be careful for true spirts

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November 07, 2010 12:25PM

Once upon a time, in a pretty little Valley many years ago something very strange happened...

BabyValley opened in 1700 and was a loving, caring place with little tots and babies crawling, playing and sleeping everywhere you went. Mums and Dads smiling, admiring their beautiful creatures. Until one horrific day - and they no longer could.

On the 31st October 1750, all the Mummy's woke up as they would any other day, but for once it wasn't by their offspring crying for their morning feed or to start play time.

No. It was deathly silent.

No babies could be heard anywhere in the Valley, and when the Mum's peered over their children's cots they had all dissapeared! This caused a great fright and for hours parents cried, searched, panicked in order to find their infants.

The day was long and the searching was hard, but not a single trace of anyone could be found.

Days and days went by, week after week, month after month until anyone found anything. Eventually the parents had grown tired and helpless and gave up...

*Many Years Later*

In the Year 2008, a friendly Stork passed by the Valley. It had long since deteriorated and because the parents had missed their babies so much they hadn't had anymore children. Leaving all the Parents in the Valley dead too.

The Stork noticed the emptyness, and had read many years before about the dreadful happenings, but hadn't known quite how much of it was true. He decided he therefore would open a new, modern BabyValley and replicate all the missing babies in memory of them.

So now, when ever you have a new baby just think, it's a little replica of a baby from the 1700's Valley that you have been given the gift of to look after in memory of the horrible day many years ago. And now we celebrate Halloween on the 31st October by going trick or treating to remember all the missing babies and dead parents.



My prescious little princess: Evangeline Rose

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November 12, 2010 01:09AM
Babies of the Dead

It was a very nice Halloween night in Baby Valley. Three mothers were getting their babies ready to go trick-or-treating. All three their children were going to be zombies. They got them all dressed, put their makeup on, and headed out so they could get home before bedtime.
There were so many cute babies! One in particular that caught everyone's eye was a beautiful little girl in a witch costume. She was very cute, and her costume looked really authentic.
The three mothers noticed that she was not accompanied by a parent, so they picked her up. They would try to find her mother. She started babbling. Strangely, it didn't sound like baby talk, but an ancient forgotten language. The mothers shrugged it off, but when she stopped talking, things seemed different.
All of a sudden, the babies all started to turn into their costumes! A little ballerina started to dance, a little ghost became see-through, and a little kitty cat started meowing. Then the mothers turned to their own babies, who they had dressed up as zombies. They were gone!
"Oh no!" the mothers exclaimed. There were three little zombies running around! They saw them. They were trying to eat the other mothers! They had grown teeth, and were walking.
The mothers ran from the chaos, and tried to find the little witch, who they had lost while looking for their own babies. There were little vampires and ghosts all around. It was very hard to get through the crowd.
Finally, they spotted her. They were just about to grab her, when the zombie babies appeared. Their new teeth were dripping with blood, and they were saying, "brains," over and over. The mothers quickly dodged them, and grabbed the little witch. They needed her to reverse whatever she had done. They tried for an hour, when finally the child started to chant again.
All of a sudden, everything changed back. There were babies in costumes everywhere, crying for their mothers. They grabbed their children and comforted them, then tried to find the little witch to thank her, but she was gone. The mothers were so happy and relieved. They decided to never dress their babies as anything evil ever again.

The End

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Archer, Atticus, Macy, Ben, Vance, Bentley, Julian, Shannon, Marley, Autumn, Michelle, Austin, Lizzy, Sasha, Jameson, and Vivian's Mommy
We miss you, Violet, Jordan, Emilie, McKenna, Eli, Luna, Grayson, Kane, Bailey, Ross, Ava, Abby, Jackson, Jayden, Rebekah, Sabrina, Kaylin, Noah, Sara, Miles, Lindsey, Spencer, Anthony, Elly, Claire, Savannah, Mark, Cayla, Liam, Kieran, Damon, Ethan, Adam, Mason, and Patrick!

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November 13, 2010 01:56AM
well once apone of time there was a baby they thought was died but really it want it came out of the grave and was scaring every body in town every body was so stcared that the people called the police but they was so scared they didnt come but soon or later they cam tried to kill the baby but i didnt work the baby ate all the police and than the alled the armie but that didnt work the baby ate thim too

the end

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November 14, 2010 12:26PM
Shakeel. Some people Call him a blessing, some think he's a curse. I'm glad I've had him because he's my little blessing. No matter what.
I Was going to visit the graveyard to visit me nan's grave. I was heavily pregnant with a baby boy at the time, but its respectful to go and visit the grave on the day the person died. So a baby never stopped me.
In the graveyard i was sitting next to my nan's grave crying and hugging it. Then Suddenly I heard a sound. It was the sound of a motorbike driving past. I looked around my heart beating fast like a beating drum. They was no-one there. Then i heard a whistle,I was shaking in fear at this time. I looked around.Silence. I Heard chanting from far away.
I couldn't understand what was being said. but the chanting came closer. and closer, and closer until loads of witches circled me. dressed in black . I couldn't move after circling me about 10 times they disappeared.
I felt a kick in my stomach, then my stomach got really heavy and I couldn't move. i felt the baby coming out after about 4 hours it was out; so was the sun. He was a boy. I went home staggering in pain at every step I took. When I finally got home me and Shakeel went to sleep. We Both woke up at midnight. Shakeel was shaking. I thought it was the cold but he was transforming. I thought he was going to change into a werewolf like all the horror books did. but no. He turned into a Teenage Vampire. he came over to me a gave me a hug. I felt teeth sink into my neck. I started shaking and I transformed into a vampire.
By dawn we had both changed back. Back to our normal selves. I could hardly remember a thing.....
Shakeel. Some people Call him a blessing, some think he's a curse. I'm glad I've had him because he's my little blessing. No matter what.
Vampires 13

my little niece kylia shes Lovely smiling smiley
November 16, 2010 12:31AM
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November 26, 2010 10:14AM
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Bébé Vallée jeu pour fille bébé virtuel Bebés valle juego para nina gratis Baby Valley game for girl free Baby Valley ist ein Spiel auf Internet für kleine Mädchen