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Drop your kids off here and we'll take care of them!
November 26, 2015 09:38PM
At 7:20 in the morning my alarm clock went off. I pushed the off button and rolled out of bed. I tiptoed into Jackie's room and woke her up. "I want to go back to sleep!" She cried. "No." I said. I got her dressed in her new outfit and went to wake up Conner and Beatrice. They were sleeping in their tiny blue and pink cradles and snoring peacefully. "Beatrice, Conner." I cooed. They opened their eyes slowly and looked at me. I got them dressed and took them downstairs. Jackie was already waiting in her "big girl" chair. I put Conner and Beatrice in their highchairs and went into the kitchen. Breakfast was Baby cereal for Jackie and Banana baby food for Conner and Beatrice. Once they were done eating, I wiped their mouths and set Conner and Beatrice on their play mat while I got the diaper bag ready and while Jackie patted Spotty. I grabbed the biggest diaper bag in the closet. It was filled it with diapers, banana baby food, toys, books, pacifiers and some extra clothes for each baby. Then I lifted Conner and Beatrice up and set them in the stroller. Jackie opened the door and the stroller bumped down the steps. I took Jackie's car seat from the garage and put it in the car. When the kids were finally buckled, I put the keys in the key hole and backed out of the garage. 10 Minutes later I saw a brightly colored building in the distance. I parked the car and unbuckled myself and the kids. The stroller was unfolded and we eventually walked in. "Hi!" I cheerfully told the lady at the counter.

Baby Valley - The valley of babies
December 05, 2015 11:09AM
The lady at the counter was the daycare manager. She put down the phone as she finished taking a call. "Hello. Welcome to Baby Valley Day Care Centre" she said.

She wore a white short sleeve button up shirt and some blue jeans, with a light blue apron over the top. Her blonde hair was up in a bun and she had brown eyes.

"I'm Marcie. I run the day care. And who have we got here today?" she said, looking at Conner, Beatrice and Jackie with a friendly smile towards their mum.

*edit* (okay due to people not replying to my posts, I'm going to quote people whenever I reply from now on)


Marcie helped Conner, Beatrice and Jackie sign up for the day care center and helped them into the main playroom where the daycare teachers worked. She helped look after the kids, but she kept an ear out for the front counter bell that would ring if anyone new came inside.

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