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BabyValley's boards ! Fun

This is my house, feel free to come over or go to my neighborhood!
November 23, 2015 06:32AM
What Julie's house looks like:



Ground Floor:


Top Floor:


Back Yard:




Julie's Room:


Julie's Bathroom:




Laundry: (washing machine and dryer)


Downstairs Bathroom:


Living Room:


Babies' Room 1:


Babies' Room 2:


Babies' Room 3:


Babies' Room 4:


Upstairs Bathroom:


Second Upstairs Bathroom:


Upstairs Kids' Play Room:


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Thanks for showing that!
December 03, 2015 01:28AM
Should we do a Thanksgiving role play? Do you still want to? I think it sounds like fun. ^_^

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Of course! You can start if you want to!
December 05, 2015 11:03AM
I walked over to Julie and Jerry's house with my two kids. I carried Ryley in one arm and pushed Chuntao's pram with the other. I rang the doorbell. Ryley wriggled and squirmed, trying to get down. "Seee!" He yelled loudly, wanting to see Seamore. He was wearing a turkey costume with a big feathery tail. Chuntao was wearing a onesie with a turkey on the front.

I was wearing a traditional pilgrim costume. I was a bit embarrassed. I hoped other people were actually wearing costumes because I felt a little silly. In the bottom of Chuntao's stroller were two covered dishes. One was a sweet dessert pumpkin pie, the other was some savoury pumpkin scones.

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I answered the door. I was wearing a pilgrim suit. "Hi!"
I noticed she was a bit embarrassed about her costume. "You look great. The first time I did this, I felt silly, too, but it kind of grows on you a little bit."
I welcomed them in. "The other turkeys are in Ramona's room, if Chuntao and Ryley want to go in,"
December 10, 2015 07:39AM
I smiled widely when I saw Julie was wearing dress-ups too. "Thank you, you look great too!" I said. "Hard to believe people really used to dress like this. Oh and I have Chuntao with me today, you can finally meet her" Chuntao wriggled in her pram and gurgled, kicking her legs as she sucked on her tiny fist. I pushed the pram inside, trying to hold onto Seamore Ryley as he squirmed to get down.

"Okay, okay, I'll put you down. Stop kicking mummy's ribs!" I said to Ryley, putting him on the floor. He giggled and started crawling down the hallway to the living room, looking for Seamore. His turkey tail stuck up in the air and waved behind him as he crawled along. It was pretty cute. It had not been fun or easy trying to dress him in it earlier. Ryley had cried and screamed and made such a fuss, but he was happy now.

I took the pumpkin pie and scones out of Chuntao's stroller and put them on the kitchen bench. I went and got Chuntao out of the pram and held her in my arms. "Sure, I can hear the other kids playing. Is Miranda in Ramona's room with them?" I asked. Julie's house was always noisy with sounds of kids everywhere. It was nice noise though.

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"Thanks!" I smile. "I'm glad we have more colorful stuff now. And pants." I looked at Chuntao. "She's adorable!"
"Yes, Miranda's in Ramona's room," I said. "I forgot to tell you, I adopted a baby girl named River from Russia!"
December 15, 2015 07:06AM
"Me too" I said. "My favourite things to wear are skirts and dresses but in winter I like to wear pants" I pushed Chuntao's pram into the living room and put the brakes on. I then leaned down and unbuckled Chuntao and picked her up carefully. "Thank you. I think she's adorable too" I said to Julie happily. "She has the prettiest eyes"

I carried Chuntao into Ramona's room, looking for Miranda.

"Miranda, I brought a friend to see you today. Her name is Chuntao" I said. I looked at Julie with surprise. "Really? How many babies do you have now?" I asked curiously. "Does Jerry mind having another mouth to feed?" I shifted Chuntao to lay with her head on my shoulder, supporting the back of her head as I patted her back. She had the hiccups.

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"I'm more of a pants and shorts person," I say. "I like to wear skirts and dresses occasionally, though." I smile at Chuntao. "Yes, she does have beautiful eyes."
Miranda looked at Chuntao and giggled. She crawled over to Chuntao and said: "gggggg"
"Too many," I answered. "It was actually Jerry's idea. He wanted another baby girl so he could name her River. His grandmother, who just recently passed away, was named River."
I'm going to skip a bit to Logan, James and Seamore's party.

I'm hanging the banner that says 'Happy Birthday!' and holding Seamore.
He can walk now, but I still hold him.
I hear the doorbell ring and walk over to the door and open it. my sister, Azalea, is here. I hug her and greet her.
December 19, 2015 03:30AM
((Wait, so are we having Thanksgiving and a birthday party at the same time? Or is Thanksgiving part of the RP already over?))

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Oh, i forgot that the Thanksgiving one was there. I thought it was the one on RP at the Hospital. I'll make a new place for the party called 'My house 2' and we can start the party.
December 22, 2015 04:09AM
((Cool. Thank you. I'll go check it out))

I placed Chuntao on the soft carpet and watched to see what she would do. She wasn't crawling yet but she could sit up by herself. She reached out to Miranda and gurgled happy sounds at her, drooling a little bit on her bib. Her hand was covered in spit since she had been sucking on her fist on the way over here. I fished a baby wipe out of my hand bag and cleaned her hand off. "There that's better. We don't want to give Miranda any germs" I giggled.

I nodded as Julie answered my question. "That's okay, at least you have given a child a good home and a nice family to grow up with. I'm sure River can be happy living with you here" I smiled. "River is a really unique name. I think it can suit a girl or a boy, so it's nice" I said. "So, can I see her? I want to see the new baby!"

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"Gggggg" Miranda smiled. She put her fist in her mouth and I got a baby wipe and wiped
it off.
"Thanks," I say. "I think it's unique too. I had a school friend named River and he was a boy. I'll go get her."
I walked to River's room and picked her up. She wasn't sleeping. I carry her to the living room.
"Do you want to hold her?" I ask.
December 24, 2015 05:02AM
"Bbllblbblblbbb!" Chuntao babbled back, blowing bubbles. She waved her hands in Miranda's direction and one hand grabbed Miranda's clothing. I picked up both of the girls and carried them out to the living room, so we could have somewhere to sit and watch them play while we talked. I put the babies down on the rug and gave them a few of Chuntao's toys from the diaper bag under the pram. "Here you go girls, play nice" I said lightly. I knew they didn't understand.

Chuntao lay on her stomach and kicked her legs like a froggy, making bubble noises "Brrbrblllllrrr!" It was pretty much complete nonsense baby babble.

I waited while Julie went and got River. I was already sitting down so I held my arms out. "Thanks, I would love to!" I said happily. I was glad that she was awake, I wanted to see if I could make her smile.

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"Blabbbllleewe!" Baby Miranda giggled.
I handed River to Miranda. River was 5.8 pounds when she was born so she was pretty small.
January 01, 2016 07:01AM
Chuntao reached her hand out to Miranda and grabbed onto her sleeve. She gurgled and babbled loudly. She squealed and giggled. She grabbed a teething ring with keys on it and shook it around.

I held River and looked at her. I stroked her soft cheek with the back of my hand. "Hi River. You have lots of big brothers and sisters to play with" I said to her. I held her hand and she gripped onto my fingers. I shook her hand up and down gently, playing with her.

*time skip*

Thanksgiving with Julie and her family was really fun. We had a nice meal, a tasty dessert and then had fun putting on a small play about the original settlers and the holiday itself. I took Ryley and Chuntao home. I would always remember the Thanksgiving we had shared.

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March 31, 2017 09:28PM
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