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BabyValley's boards ! Fun

Here is a place to go for fun, parties, etc.

Also, it is always warm!!
November 16, 2015 01:13PM

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November 16, 2015 01:25PM
I arrived at the beach with Ryley after driving to the parking lot and parking the car. My baby was wearing a floppy hat, sunglasses, zinc cream and sunscreen, as well as his normal clothes. I was wearing a leopard printed sarong dress over the top of my swimming costume, as well as a straw hat with a ribbon on it.

I carried Ryley to one of the small huts on the grassy strip that looked out over the sandy beach. The hut that was decorated with balloons and streamers, marking it as the place Julie told me to meet her for the birthday party. There were people around everywhere.

On the grass area were barbecues and shady huts with picnic tables under them, which is where people ate their food before they would go to play on the sand and swim in the water. I sat down at the picnic table under Julie's birthday hut and I put Ryley's diaper bag beside me.

"I brought some food. I don't know how many people like fruit and salad but since it's hot today I thought they might like it" I placed a plate filled with red watermelon slices on the table, and another big bowl full of a healthy garden salad (lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber etc). I put ice bricks around them to keep them cool.

I took a small wrapped present out of Ryley's diaper bag and gave it to Julie. "This is for Sabitha, it's a birthday gift" I said. I had wrapped it fairly easily so that Sabitha could tear it open herself.

It was this: Leapfrog Musical Rainbow Tea Party Set

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I smiled at Miranda as I saw her. I was wearing a yellow one-piece bathing suit.
"Hi, Miranda! Welcome!" I said.
I looked at Sabitha playing in the sand. She was wearing a pink bikini.
"That's Sabitha!" I said.
Seamore crawled up to Ryley. "Ry-Ry!" He giggled.
I smiled. "That's what he calls Ryley."
I looked at the plate of watermelon and the bowl of veggies. "That's great! Thank you so much!"
My son Logan ran up to me.
"Mommy, where's Auntie?" He asked.
I looked at Miranda. "This is my son, Logan. Logan, Auntie Grace is over there." i pointed to a tall lady with brown hair.
I looked at the present. "Oh thanks! You didn't have to!" I smiled.
I put the present on a table with a couple of presents on it.
Grace came over to us. "Hi!" She said to Miranda. "I'm Grace, Julie's sister."
November 17, 2015 04:56AM
Under my sarong, I was wearing a chocolatey brown and white bikini - it was printed with zebra stripes in brown, and the white was the background. It covered me up properly.

"Hi Julie" I said as I hugged her by way of greeting. "Thanks for inviting me. I like your swimming togs" I said truthfully. They were really nice for a one piece. I had put Ryley down on the soft grass, on a picnic blanket.

I waved to Sabitha. "Hi Sabitha. Happy birthday!" I said to her. She was only one year old, so I wasn't sure whether she understood what I was saying. She looked like she was having fun playing in the sand though.

I looked at our two baby boys as Seamore crawled over to Ryley, smiling when Seamore tried to say Ryley's name. "That's what I call Ryley when I'm being silly" I said to Julie. "It's a little nickname"

Ryley reached out to grab Seamore's arm and giggled. "Seeeee!" He yelled out. That was apparently his name for Seamore. I slapped a hand to my forehead. "Ryley, seriously? You just called him after the sea?" I laughed. "Sorry. He's still learning how to talk"

I looked around, trying to see how many people were here. There were a few adults and a handful of kids of various ages running around.

I saw Logan run up to Julie. I had not met him yet so it was nice to see another one of Julie's family. "Hi" I said pleasantly to Logan and smiled at him when Julie introduced him to me.

"It's fine. I wanted to get her something, it's no big deal" I said happily about the gift. "I just hope she likes it!"

"Hello, I'm Miranda, it's good to meet you" I said to Grace. "I have a little sister with the same name as you" I smiled. "But she lives somewhere different. Oh, by the way, the little boy down there with the crab on his tee shirt is my son. Ryley"

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
I smiled and hugged Miranda back.
"I'm glad that you could come!" I said. "Thanks!"
Sabitha looked at Miranda. "Hi!" She giggled. Sabitha fell back on to the sand, landing on her sand castle and laughing.
"Seamore's still learning to talk, also." I said. "He can only say a couple words."
Logan waved at Miranda as she said hi.
"It's good to see you, too!" Grace said. "Julie's told me so much about you! That's cool that your little sister is named Grace! It's a common name. I don't have any kids."
I smiled. "That's my big brother over there," I told Miranda, pointing to a tall man with black wavy hair. "His name is Zack. He has two kids, Kylee and Noah." Next to Zack were Kylee and Noah. They had black hair. Kylee and Noah are 8-year-old twins.
(I actually have a big brother named Zack and is 29. He actually has Kylee and Noah.)
Zack walked over to us.
"Hi, I'm Zack!" Zack said, smiling. "You must be Miranda!"
Ramona ran over to Zack.
"UNCLE ZACK!" She smiled, jumping on Zack's back. "Hi, Miranda!"
November 18, 2015 02:33AM
I pushed the double stroller down the beach and held Jackie's hand. Spotty trotted after us on his blue leash. I walked to Sabitha's Birthday hut and set down the present. We had gotten her a little doll with a gold suitcase full of clothes. I saw Sabitha heading for the beach. "Happy Birthday Sabitha!" I said to her cheerfully. Jackie let go of my hand and hugged her. I waved and we walked outside again. Jackie saw her friend Selena and ran to the beach. "Jackie wait!" I called to her from the board walk. She sadly walked towards me to get sunscreen. When she was done she happily skipped back to Selena to play in the waves. I grabbed Spotty's leash and took Beatrice and Conner inside. On the floor was a blanket. I unbuckled Conner and sat him down next to his friend Benny. Beatrice cried when I took her out of the brand new stroller but she cheered up when she saw her friend from camp, Carly, roll in with her mom. I asked Benny's mom if she would watch Beatrice and Conner and she said yes. While they played I sat down in a chair. I spotted Miranda and Julie on the boardwalk and walked towards them.

Baby Valley - The valley of babies
I spotted Charmiecharm (What do you want us to call you?)
"Hi!" I waved.
"Thank you," Sabitha said when Charmiecharm said happy birthday.
Sabitha hugged Jackie back.
When Charmiecharm walked over to us, I smiled. "Glad you could come!"
I looked at the dog. "He's cute! I love dogs," I smiled.
I strutted onto the beach. I had a beautiful bikini on. it was pink.
I went over to the birthday hut. "Hmmm..." I pursed my pink lips. They were pink from my lipstick. I put on my sunglasses. "Dumb party. This looks like a funeral."
I looked at Sabitha. "Hmmm... I hate your clothes. Are you a boy?" I smirked. "What kind of a name is Sabitha?"
My husband, Andrew was with me. "Too dirty of water to swim, Lilly," He said.
"Poor Jack. He can't swim," I said.
November 19, 2015 07:10AM
I saw another woman walking towards us with her children and a stroller. I waited until she got closer, hoping that Julie would introduce us.

Ryley was gurgling and talking with Seamore, holding out a rubber octopus toy to show him. He squeezed it and it squeaked softly. It was one of his bath time toys but since it didn't matter if it got wet, I let him bring it to the beach. Ryley shook the toy in front of Seamore excitedly "AHHH!" he yelled, happy.

"Hi. I'm Miranda" I said to Charmie. "Nice to meet you" I smiled. "That's my son Ryley playing with Seamore. They're best friends" I chuckled. It was pretty cute how close they were to each other. I was happy Ryley was making friends so early. "What's your dog's name?"

I fanned my face and took a slice of cold watermelon to munch on "Phew, it's so hot today. I could go for a swim later" I said, eating my watermelon. I wanted to show Ryley the sea, since he'd never seen it or swam in it before.

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I looked at Seamore and Ryley. As Ryley was waving the toy, Seamore playfully grabbed it.
"Ry-Ry, Ry-Ry," Seamore said, wanting to show Ryley something. When he got his attention, Seamore rolled over and sat up. He looked very proud of himself.
I smiled and laughed.
"It's sooo hot. But better too hot then too cold." I said, grabbing a peice of watermelon. "I hope Ramona doesn't have another one of her famous 'I'm hot' tantrums."
Ramona was munching on a piece of cake.
"That's for later, Ramona!" I scolded. "Uh-oh."
The cake looked like it had been sat on. "Did you do this?" I asked Ramona.
Ramona slowly nodded.
I sighed. "Miranda, can you watch the kids? I need to quickly go to Cosco. Jerry's here too so he'll have Logan covered."
November 19, 2015 10:58PM
I smiled at Julie and Sabitha. Then I saw another woman standing on the other side of the boardwalk. I walked up to her and introduced myself. "I'm Cora." I told her. She said her name was Miranda and told me her baby's name was Ryley. "He's so cute!" I said. Then I introduced Spotty. "This is Spotty." I informed Miranda. Then Conner waved at Ryley and Seamore. I smiled again. "This is Conner and Beatrice. "My other little one is playing with her friend Selena." I called to Jackie. I introduced Jackie to Miranda. "Hi!" Jackie said.

Baby Valley - The valley of babies
November 22, 2015 06:19AM
Ryley watched Seamore grab the toy. He looked surprised and then smiled, a few tiny teeth showing. He didn't have many but they were just starting to come through.

"Seeeee!" Ryley squealed, watching Seamore roll over and sit up. He clapped his hands together clumsily, and beamed a bright smile, drooling a little bit.

I munched another piece of the cold sweet melon, the juice dripping down my hand. I licked off the trickle of juice. "Can she eat watermelon?" I asked Julie, looking at Ramona who was nomming a piece of cake. I wondered where she got that from.

I looked over and saw a cake sitting on the table. Well, what was left of what USED to be a cake. I hid a giggle behind my hand, finding the squashed cake funny.

When Julie asked me to watch the kids, I nodded. "Sure. I'll keep a close eye on everyone" I said. "Good luck getting another cake" I waved as she walked off. I held out a piece of watermelon to Ramona. "Here, would you like some nice cold watermelon?"


"Cora, lovely to meet you" I said in reply. I looked at Spotty the dog and reached out to pet them. "Oh what a cute dog. Can I pat him?"

Ryley pointed at the dog "See, Seee!" he yelled, trying to show the puppy to Seamore. "Ahh!" he didn't know the word for dog.

Ryley looked up at Conner and flapped a hand at him, waving back. He saw a baby girl next to Conner, (Beatrice) so he waved at her too.

I looked at Cora's children "You have beautiful kids" I smiled. "I'm getting a baby sister for Ryley tomorrow, so I'll finally know what it's like to have more than one" I said. I looked at Jackie and crouched down to talk to her "Hi there. Would you like a piece of cold watermelon since it's so hot today?" I said, offering her a piece. It didn't have any seeds in it, it was the seedless kind.

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Seamore smiled when Ryley clapped. "Twy!" He giigled. That meant 'try'.
Seamore had a few stubbles of teeth, too.
"Yes, she can eat watermelon." I said.
"Thank you sooo much!" i said. "Cosco has a huge variety of cakes so it won't be a problem."
I walked to my mini van, driving off to Cosco.

"OGGY!!" Seamore shouted. "OOGG!!" Seamore loves dogs. He knew what they were called because we have two.
"OGGY OGGY OGGY!" Seamore shrieked. "OGGY OGGY!" He crawled over to the dog and patted him.
Seamore spotted Conner waving. He waved back, and then waved at Beatrice. Seamore crawled over to them.
"SSSSSSEEEEEEEE" He introduced himself. Seamore pointed to Ryley. "RY-RY!"
Seamore fell down happily and rolled over to Jackie.
"SSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" He giggled. "SEE SEE SEE SEE!" He liked her nickname. "SEE SEE SEE!"

After about 5 minutes, I came back with two cakes. They were chocolate.
"Now, Ramona, you can't eat cake." I said sternly.
November 23, 2015 06:15AM
(We have to wait for CharmieCharm to post now)

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November 24, 2015 04:19AM
"Sure you can pet her." I told Miranda. "Thank you!" I said when she complimented Conner, Beatrice and Jackie. "Nice to meet you!" Jackie exclaimed remembering her manners. She smiled at Miranda. "Thank you!" She accepted the piece of watermelon Miranda held out to her and ate it. I smiled when Seamore and Ryley waved back at Conner and Beatrice. "Maybe we can walk our dogs together sometime?" I asked Julie.
"Yeah that'd be fun!" I said. "My dogs, Trixie and Quinn love other dogs."
November 24, 2015 05:05AM
Ryley blinked at Seamore, looking confused. He flopped over onto his back and rolled over onto his tummy. He sat up again, but now he was facing backwards. He looked around for Seamore, who was now behind him. "Seee?" He heard loud shouting and looked over at the doggy. Ryley let out another excited squeal at seeing Spotty again.

Ryley pointed at Seamore "Seee!" he chirped out, showing everyone his new friend. He didn't know how to say Beatrice, Jackie or Conner's names yet but he could learn.

I saw Julie coming back and waved her over. "Yum, chocolate, my favourite" I said, seeing the cakes. "Are you sure Ramona can't have a piece later?" I asked Julie.

I looked back at Spotty and reached down to pat her, rubbing her ears and patting her back. I looked at Jackie and smiled "Nice to meet you too. What lovely manners you have" I told Jackie.

I grabbed a plate of salad, which was still cold thanks to the ice I put round it. "Anyone want some salad? It's a chicken, grape, walnut, lettuce, apple and celery salad with a dressing" I left the dressing off, but I put the dressing bottle next to the bowl of salad so people could squeeze it on if they wanted.

I sat and ate salad and then I got an idea. I put a bib on Ryley and handed him a piece of watermelon "Here you go, baby, it's nice and cold"

Ryley held the watermelon in both hands and started eating it. He shivered. The watermelon was so cold.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!

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Seamore loved petting the dog, and he said to Ryley, "Oggy, og og og oggy oggy"
I smiled as I carried the cakes. "Ramona can have one. When it's time for cake."
I grabbed a plate and put a bit of salad on it. Seamore crawled over to me and pointed to his mouth.
"Okay, Seamore," I said, putting a bit of salad on my fork and handing it to him.
Seamore held the fork in his hand, a bit confused. He grabbed the lettuce off and ate it. He didn't know what to do with the fork. I held out my hand for him to give it back to me. Seamore put the fork in the sand. I sighed and got a new fork. I gave him a slice of watermelon. He took it and ate some. He shivered, too. When Seamore saw that Ryley had one, too, he smiled happily and pointed to the watermelon saying,
I smiled at him attempt to say watermelon.
December 01, 2015 12:21PM
Great! Too cute this story wink

Baby George was born November 30th, 2015 !
Baby Charlotte was born March 1, 2016 !
Baby James was born August 19th, 2016 !
Baby Alice was born October 28th, 2016 !
Baby Jacob was born November 13th, 2016 !
Baby Sybil was born December 8th, 2016 !
Baby Ryan was born February 12th, 2017 !


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December 02, 2015 11:03AM
Ryley giggled at Seamore. He didn't know what he was saying but it sounded funny.

"Oh, that's good" I said, about Ramona being able to have a piece of cake. "I didn't want her to feel left out"

I was surprised about Seamore being interested in the salad. He looked like he definitely wanted some though. I watched what he did and chuckled a bit. Oh well, at least he ate the lettuce.

I watched him eat the watermelon and smiled knowingly as drips of pink juice began to trickle off the sweet fruit, down Seamore's arms and onto his clothes. I looked over at Ryley and gasped. He was a drippy mess. He was covered in pink watermelon juice, all down his arms, all over his bib and all over his face. He was munching away happily though so I decided to leave him be.

Ryley looked at the watermelon Seamore was holding. He looked at his own. "AreIn?" Ryley asked.

I gasped "Oh my gosh, did he just try to talk?" Was Ryley's first word really 'watermelon', not Mama? I wanted to cry a bit. I crouched down beside Ryley and Seamore "That is watermelon" I said as I pointed to it and said the word slowly.

Ryley looked at it, drips of pink juice falling off his chin. "Dadanon!"

"Dadanon? Er...well, you almost got it. Watermelon" I said again slowly. I looked up at Julie. "Should we bring out the cakes and sing Happy Birthday to Sabitha and let her open her presents?" I said. "Then we can all play on the beach and go swimming. I have a small inflatable kiddy pool in my car for the babies"

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"Aw! The first word is always the cutest," I smiled. "My son Logan-" I looked at my son. "-his first word was 'Iggy' after my sister Iggy. My sister's name is Azalea, and that's the last name of the singer Iggy Azalea."
"Oh, sure," I said. "Good idea. The sea was probably too deep. Cake time!" Everyone gathered around. Sabitha's water-proof diaper sagged as she ran to her high-chair as I put her in.
"Okay," I lit the candles on the cake and put the mini cake on her high chair.
Everyone sang. Sabitha, not understanding that the song was for her, sang too. After everyone was done, Sabitha blew the candle. I took the candle out and she put her hand in the cake.
I put out the other cake and put it into slices.
December 03, 2015 01:20AM
I got Ryley to say 'watermelon' (or "dadanon') a few more times, and recorded it on my phone proudly. I was going to upload the recording to my Facebook page so my friends and relatives could hear Ryley's first word. I waited until he finished eating and then I got some wet wipes out of the diaper bag and cleaned him off, taking off the juice soaked bib and putting on a new one (if he was going to eat cake, he was going to smear chocolate everywhere).

"That's a cool first word" I said to Julie about her son Logan. "I just think it's funny that Ryley's first word is a piece of food and not 'Mama'. I've been trying to teach him to call me Mama since he was born"

"Oh yes, cake time Ry-Ry!" I sang happily, scooping up Ryley and Seamore and bringing them to the table. I stood holding them in my arms so they could see what was going on and join in singing if they wanted to. I sang Happy Birthday to Sabitha but I hoped no one was listening to me because my singing is awful.

Ryley squealed with excitement when Julie lit the candles on Sabitha's little cake. He waved his hands and shrieked loudly. "Shhh!" I shushed him, trying not to go deaf from his loud squeals.

I giggled when I saw Sabitha singing, and I hoped Julie was recording this on her phone or a video camera, it was just too cute. I took a few photos of everyone at the birthday table, and of Sabitha with her cake (which she had put her hand into - what a mess that was going to be!).

When the cake was cut, I put Ryley and Seamore back on the picnic blanket that was on the grass, and I got a slice of cake for them. I got a fork and I sat down next to the two babies. I speared some cake onto the fork and held it out to Ryley "Say ahhh, Ryley. I have some nice cake to feed to you" I smiled. Ryley opened his mouth and ate the cake. He looked surprised.

I held out a forkful of cake to Seamore "Here comes some yummy cake, Seamore"

After the cake was eaten, I knew Sabitha would open her presents and I was excited to see what she got.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
I took a video on my phone. Sabitha smeared the cake on her face and pigtails. Pretty soon, it was on her feet and belly. I giggled as she threw a little at my brother Zack.
Zack smiled. I looked over my shoulder after I had sliced the cake to see Miranda feeding Seamore. I mouthed 'Thank you' to Miranda and got myself a slice. I walked over and sat next to Miranda.
"Num num num!" Seamore smiled and said.
"He's trying to be Cookie Monster from Sesame street!" I smiled.
When everyone was done with cake, I washed Sabitha off and took her to the presents. She opened Miranda's first.
"Yum!" Sabitha bit the fake cake. It didn't work. She giggled and giggled.
"Thanks," I smiled at Miranda. "She loves it, doncha, baby girl?"
Sabitha nodded.
She opened Cora's present next. She loved the doll. She opened many more presents.
December 05, 2015 10:56AM
I continued to feed chocolate cake to Seamore and Ryley. I looked at Sabitha and giggled. She was a chocolatey mess, but the one year old little girl looked so happy. I'm sure Julie would be able to embarrass her for many years to come with the birthday cake video. Parents have to have some fun.

I listened to Seamore's sound effects and laughed. "Oh I love Cookie Monster. He was one of my favourite Sesame Street characters. He was always trying to eat the plate as well as the cookies" I smiled. "Is that yummy Seamore?" I cooed at him, wiping some chocolate off his face.

I fed the rest of the piece of cake to Ryley and Seamore, then cleaned them off with wet wipes from Ryley's diaper bag. I got a piece of cake for myself and ate it up. I really liked sweet things.

I watched Sabitha open her presents. I was sitting on the picnic rug with the two boys, keeping an eye on them. Ryley was playing with toys I had got out of the diaper bag to distract him.

"I'm glad she likes it. I thought it looked fun" I said, happy. "Now she can have tea parties with anyone"

I watched Sabitha opening more presents. Ryley found the pile of torn up wrapping paper and crawled into it. He started rolling around in the wrapping paper, hiding in it and playing.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
"Cookie Monster was my favorite too!" I smiled. "Basically my whole childhood from age 1 to age 6."
"Tea pardy!" Sabitha danced around.
"She loves tea parties," i say. "She always convinces me to make real tea."
Seamore followed his friend. He threw some on Ryley's head playfully.
December 10, 2015 07:25AM
I smiled. "I like the story book about the witch with the cookie tree who doesn't want to share her cookies with Cookie Monster. But then in the end they share a cookie together and become friends. Have you read it?" I asked. "It's called Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree You can probably watch it on Youtube"

I watched Sabitha dancing around happily. "I'm so glad she's having a fun time. Even if she's too little to remember this birthday". I looked at Julie in surprise when she said about making real tea. "Real tea?! With milk and sugar? But isn't it too hot? What kind of tea is it? I know some kids love Rooibos tea because it's very sweet and milky. The milk cools it down. It's tea from South Africa. A lot of kids there drink it"

Ryley grabbed the wrapping paper that Seamore threw on his head, and looked at it. He ripped it by accident. Ryley looked shocked. Then he started laughing hysterically. It was the funniest thing in the world to him. He laughed so hard his cheeks went red and he drooled a little bit.

I laughed as I watched the boys, I couldn't help it. Ryley's laughing was making me laugh too. When Ryley had calmed down a bit, I got up and said to Julie "Let's go down to the beach now. Let the kids run off all the sugar from birthday cake. I'll just get Ryley's swim diaper and the paddling pool and sunscreen. Can you watch Ryley and Seamore for two seconds?"

Ryley ripped another piece of wrapping paper and laughed again. Tears came from his eyes he was laughing so hard.

(based off these kind of videos: Baby laughs hysterically at ripped paper )

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
"Hmmm... I haven't read that one..." I thought hard. "Doesn't ring a bell."
"I'll take lot's of pictures so she doesn't forget completely," I said. "Real tea. Mostly iced tea for her, and I get a little put of warm tea for me."
Seamore laughed along. I chuckled.
"Sure," I said. "I'll watch Seamore and Ryley."
December 15, 2015 06:33AM
"I think it's pretty old now. It's a Little Golden Book" I said.

"Good idea" I smiled. "Ryley has a birthday coming up. I'll send out the invitations for his first birthday soon. Pretty sure the theme is gonna be pirates"

I nodded when she explained about the tea. "Oh, iced tea, I didn't think of that"

"Thanks. I'll just be a minute" I said, running off to my car. I came back with a paddling pool and some other things. I knelt on the rug next to Ryley and took him out of the pile of wrapping paper. I took off his day clothes, changed him into the blue swim diaper and rubbed sunscreen lotion on his skin. I picked him up along with the deflated paddling pool and walked down to the beach with Julie and everyone else. Kids were running around, playing fetch with dogs, building sandcastles, drawing pictures in the sand, finding sea shells, or swimming with the adults.

I blew up the paddling pool quickly. Then I got a bucket and filled the pool up with sea water. I put Ryley in the pool with a few toys and he splashed and laughed. Older kids could swim in the sea if they wanted to and someone was watching to make sure no one drowned or went in too deep. But I thought Ryley would be scared of the waves.

"I'm glad it's a sunny day today" I said to Julie, gently splashing Ryley with water and listening to him squeal. "Sabitha's beach party has been so much fun. Thanks again for inviting us. We've had a great time and I hope Sabitha has too"

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!

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