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BabyValley's boards ! Fun

Hi! If you are giving birth to baby, you're sick, check-up, taking your child to the hospital, pediatrician, etc. this is for you.
There are 8 doctors here. Dr. Anderson (Female), Dr. Roberts (Female), Dr. Tarence (Male), Dr. Lyn (Male), Dr. Krisen (Female), Dr. Kale (Male), Dr. Forlene (male) and Dr. Note (Female).
Pick one of the doctor and do role play. If you want to be visited or visit someone, do it!
Have fun!
Also, please put your name, age, spouse, looks, and children, and reason for being here, down. It doesn't have to be true.
Name: Jane
Age: 36
Spouse: Kyle
Looks: Brown hair, jasmine eyes, freckles, red t-shirt and blue sweatpants.
Children: Gregory (age 7 years)
Reason: I am in labor.
Doctor: Dr. Lyn
I am rushed to the hospital since my water had broke. I am really excited for my little girl. Gregory is too young to come so he is at granny's house.
And stuff like that. Enjoy!
November 08, 2015 05:50AM
This is a wonderful idea! I will make a hospital on Sims 3 and we can use the pictures from that to show what it looks like. I'll post them here in this post once I've made it. smiling smiley I'll also role play with you, as soon as our little problem is taken care of.














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November 12, 2015 04:30AM
Ok, I will start. This can happen after the incident at the playground/park.

Name: Miranda
Age: 29
Spouse: None
Looks: I am 165cm tall with long, blonde hair down to my lower back. I have pale skin, blue-grey eyes and some freckles on my skin. I am wearing a white dress that goes down to my knees and a gold heart necklace.
Children: Ryley, 6 months old. Adopted from the storks.
Reason: I'm here with my friend Juliette after a strange woman hurt our kids in the park.
Doctor: Dr. Roberts (female)

I walked into the hospital's waiting room with Ryley, who was soaking wet and crying very loudly. He didn't seem hurt, but he did just get picked up by a strange woman who threw him in the park's water fountain. He might have bruises somewhere. I went up to the front counter. "I'm here to see Dr. Roberts, for Ryley" I said. "We have an appointment"

The receptionist looked in her appointment book and then nodded. "Okay, please take a seat. Dr. Roberts will be with you shortly"

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Name: Juliette (I'm doing myself, but older)
Age 19
Spouse: Jerold
I have brown hair that is shoulder-length. I have blue eyes and white skin. I am wearing a jogging outfit.
Reason: I am here with Miranda, she told you the reason. Also, I am here to watch my baby being born.
Dr. Krisen

I walked in with Miranda, Seamore was in my hands. He was crying and wet. He was hurt, but not badly.
"Dr. Krisen," I said when Miranda had finished talking. "For Ramona and Seamore."
Jerry was holding Ramona. She was crying. The lady at the park had run over her hand and pushed her.
"Hmmmm...." The receptionist looked at the book. "Ramooonnaa and Seeaammoorree... Ah, here it is! Please sit down, Dr. Krisen will be her shortly."
"Thank you," I said and sat down at one of the seats.
"I'm also here to see the birth of my baby," I told Miranda. "I have a surrogate person. She is my friend named Raina. She wanted to be in labor once so she would see what it's like before she has one of her own. She's not having the baby yet. Her husband, Kyle, will call me when it's time."
Ramona kept crying.
"Hon," Jerry said. "I told the babysitter I would pick up the rest of the kids by now. Do you mind if I-"
"Sure, go ahead," I said. I turned to Miranda and looked at Ryley. "He's so grown up. 6 months is a big step. Sabitha just turned 0ne year old."
Jerry left.
"Ramona and Seamore?" Dr. Krisen walked over to us. She picked up shreiking Ramona and wailing Seamore. "Okey dokey, I'll just take them over to my office."
I nodded. My phone started to ring. My eyes widened as I answered.
"Hello?" I said. I paused. "OMG! Okay. Uh-huh, I'll be right there." I hung up.
"My baby's being born!" I said. "Umm, er, do you, want to come? You don't have to. I just am asking. You don't have to."
November 14, 2015 06:43AM
Ryley calmed down in my arms. We were both soaking wet from his dip in the fountain but at least he stopped crying. I wiped tears off his puffy cheeks. I had already talked to the receptionist so I just waited while Julie and Jerry talked to her. I was glad the chairs in the waiting room were plastic, because water drops were splashing on them from my clothes and Ryley's clothes.

I looked excited when Julie told me about her surrogate and the baby she'd be having. "Woah, really?" I squealed, "That's amazing! Wow, that's so nice" I smiled, patting Ryley's back to keep him calm. I looked over at Ramona in worry. "Is Ramona okay? I didn't see what happened, I was too busy saving Ryley and Seamore from that...well, we won't mention her". I waved to Jerry as he handed Ramona to Julie and left to pick up the other kids. "Bye, see you next time"

I ran my hand through Ryley's thick black hair, trying to tidy it up a little. "I know. He's halfway to being one already. Sabitha's one now? Aww" I smiled. "Are you having a birthday party for her?"

I looked up at the doctor as she came over and took the kids for examination and treatment. Dr Roberts still must be with another patient.

I smiled happily when Julie got the phone call telling her the baby was being born soon. "Hmm...I'll have to stay with Ryley while Dr Roberts looks at him. Also, I don't know your friend Raina and she doesn't know me, so me being there might upset her" I explained nicely. "But I'll be happy to come visit her once she's yours"

((Julie can come over to my house with the baby...or I can go over to yours to visit the new baby, whichever you prefer))

Dr Roberts came out to the waiting room and looked around. She looked at the name on her clipboard "Ryley? Ryley and Miranda?"

I stood up "That's us"

Dr Roberts smiled at us politely, "Allright, follow me please" She led us out of the waiting room and into her doctor's office. We followed her.

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I smiled when Miranda looked excited. "Yeah, it's my first time having a surrogate mother."

"She's sort of hurt. The lady pushed her out of my arms, so she fell on the ground, and she was on cement, by the way, and then, as the lady went away, she purposely ran over Ramona's hand with the stroller wheel." Jerry said, still fuming.
Jerry waved back at Miranda when he left.

"Yes, Sabitha's one," I said, answering her question. "You'll have to see her sometime. We are having a party at the beach with family. Hey, you should come! Here, I'll give you an invitation." I took out a pink card from my purse. (Don't worry, it wasn't bent.) It said:

Come to Sabitha's 1st birthday party! It is at Babyvalley beach, at 4:30 PM (That would be 11:30 in Australia) on November 16th (In Australia it would be the 17th) Plz RSVP!

(Miaowmum, I'll do a roleplay for Babyvalley beach that we could play at. You don't have to be there, but when you're on babyvalley, maybe you can play at the beach and pretend it's still that day.)

"Okay, bye." I said. I went over to the baby birthing room. I told the lady what I was doing there, and she let me into Raina's room. She was in the middle of a contraction.

"Julie!" Her husband, Kyle exclaimed when he saw me. "It's almost here!"

I gasped. "Oh! I'm so excited!"
November 15, 2015 03:49AM
Dr Roberts checked Ryley over. She found a small scrape on his knee and cleaned it up and put a blue band-aid on it. Apart from that, she gave Ryley a clean bill of health.

I walked back out to the waiting room, carrying Ryley. I saw Julie was still there. "Hey" I said, walking over to her. "Ryley is fine. The doctor said he got more of a shock than anything" I smiled, "I'm so glad it wasn't worse" I sat beside Julie on the plastic chairs.

I nodded when Julie said I could meet Sabitha. "A beach party! Yay. That sounds great" I smiled. Ryley giggled and waved his arms. He didn't know what I was happy about but it made him happy too.

"I always think the beach is a nice place to have get-togethers, especially if there's a lot of people" I took the lovely pink invitation card and looked at it, reading the time and place and which day. "Oh thank you for the invite. Yeah, I don't have to work that day so I can come! I'll bring some food to share" I said happily. I was also going to get Sabitha a present but I didn't say that to Julie.

(Sure, that sounds great. I'll post in there when I'm online and we can play it just like the Halloween role play except as a beach party instead. I agree with you; it can still be the same day in the story. It doesn't have to be the same day as real life. ALSO: I am actually free on the 17th at 11:30am, so I'll be online grinning smiley )

I went home once Julie left, calling a taxi from my mobile phone. I had to put Ryley down for his nap anyway, and I wanted to get us both changed into clean dry clothes before someone caught a chill. I looked forward to seeing Julie, Seamore, Sabitha, Ramona and Jerry at the beach party that was happening soon.


The midwife who was helping Raina smiled at Julie as she came in. "Okay, now one more big push and your baby will be here" she encouraged Raina.

The baby arrived with the next contraction and the midwife caught her in her hands. "Do you want to cut the cord?" she asked Julie, as Kyle stood by and watched proudly. The baby began to cry, sounding strong and healthy. "She has a good pair of lungs" the midwife chuckled. "That's a nice loud cry"

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When Ryley came back, Miranda told me what happened. "That's good! It would have shocked me too, if a random lady took me and threw me!"
"I love the beach, and so does Sabitha." I said. "Okay! That's awesome!" I was excited after she told me she could come.
She called a taxi and went home.


Raina was screaming loudly and shouted. The midwife told her to push. "AAUGH!" She pushed again and the baby came out.
"Er, um, no thank you." I told the midwife. "I've never done that before."
So the midwife did it.
"Whoa," Kyle looked at the baby girl.
"I want a baby," Raina looked at her husband. "I decided that I wanted a baby."
"Okay!" Kyle nodded in happiness.
After a while, I called Miranda.
"Hi," I said after she answered. "A healthy baby girl has been born. Er, I was wondering, can I name her after you?"
November 16, 2015 01:00PM
I was asleep when Julie called me. I had put Ryley in his crib for a nap, and went to have a nap myself. It had been a tiring day and I got tired easily. "Hello?" I asked into the phone, sounding sleepy.

I listened for a moment and then I smiled widely. "Aw, really? That's so nice. Congratulations on your new baby girl" I said. "I can hear her crying in the background" I smiled. It reminded me of when I first brought Ryley home and he was so little.

I looked surprised and then really happy. "That would be fine. I'd be honoured to have someone named after me" I said truthfully, feeling very touched. "I will have to come and see her when you get her home. Well...when Ryley wakes up from his nap" I yawned. "And when I'm properly awake. I was having a cat nap with Ryley" I explained, laughing a little.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
I smiled. "Okay, thanks. She's very loud!"
I glanced at my newborn. "I have to go, bye!" I hung up.
"Do we have a name?" Kyle asked.
"Yep! Her name is Miranda."
"Sweet name,"
"It's my friend's name!" I said.
November 17, 2015 04:32AM
I couldn't go back to sleep after being woken by the phone call. But I didn't really mind. I splashed my face with cold water to wake myself up. I looked at myself in the mirror, checking to see if I looked okay to go around to Juliette's house. I was wearing a clean dress with pink and red flower patterns on it, my gold heart necklace and my glasses with the pale gold rims. I decided my hair was a bit messy from sleeping on it, so I brushed my hair and put it up in a ponytail.

I went into Ryley's room and saw that he was awake. "Hello there sweetheart. Did you have a good nap?" I asked him. Ryley babbled at me and reached his arms up to me.

I got him out of the crib, changed his diaper and dressed him in a t-shirt with a crab on the front, adding a matching pair of stripy shorts. "Are you ready to go and see Juliette's new baby?" I asked him, smoothing my fingers through his messy black hair, trying to tidy it. It was always messy and spiky.

"Ahhh!" Ryley shouted loudly and waved his hands. "Ba!"

I giggled at his baby talk. "I'll take that as a 'yes'!"


I went to the kitchen and grabbed a Tupperware container of chocolate chip biscuits that I had baked. I was going to give them to Julie. I got in the car and drove to Juliette and Jerry's place. I hopped out of the car with Ryley in my arms and his diaper bag on my shoulder. I rang the door bell. "Hello? Anyone home?"

I was excited about seeing the new baby who was named after me.

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I opened the door. "Oh hi!" I said. I was holding Baby Miranda. She was sleeping. "Come in!" I moved out of the way so she could come in. after she came in I shut the door.
"How are you?" I asked.
November 19, 2015 12:31AM
I looked around Julie's house as I held Ryley in my arms. It was so big, and really nice. "I'm good. I managed to get in a small cat nap today after the hospital visit while Ryley slept"

I looked at Miranda, who was sleeping peacefully. "Oh, she's so precious" I smiled, touching one of her tiny hands. Her fingernails were so tiny.

Ryley leaned over to look at the baby, his eyes wide. He looked amazed. He hadn't seen a baby this small before. It was kind of funny, how little kids always liked babies. He reached out a hand to touch Miranda, but I stepped back. "No Ryley, she's sleeping. You'll wake her up" I said. Ryley whined and pouted. "You can say hi later when she wakes up" I told him.

"Oh here. Before I forget" I shifted Ryley on my hip and took the container of cookies from Ryley's diaper bag "These are for you. I figured the kids might like them as well. Chocolate chip cookies"

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
"That's good," I said.
"Thanks," I said. "She's a bit tiny for her age."
"Ryley can touch her. I bet he doesn't know what one feels like... Well, except for Chuntao." I said.
"Oh, thank you so much!" I smiled when she handed my the cookies. "We love this kind."
Name: Lilly
Reason: My baby is sick.
Looks: Beautiful and tan. blue eyes. I'm gorgeous in every way.
Doctor: Dr. Krisen

I rushed into the hospital. "My baby is sick!" The receptionist looks at me.
"What are you looking at, dumby? My adorable precious baby boy is SICK! This is awful. DO YOUR JOB NOW!" I screamed. "You are terrible at your job!"
The receptionist says, "Dr. Krisen will be with you in one second. Sit down in the waiting room."
"Or not. look at them. They're filthy. Besides, I need Dr. Krisen NOW!" I said.
"Jack?" Dr. Krisen said. "Is Jack here?"
"Yes," I said. "He's sick and-"
"Okay, come in." She said.
"Don't tell me what to do, you jerk," I snapped walking inside the office. "Ew!! his office is FILTHY!" I squealed.
"Er, okay. Set Jack here-" Dr. Krisen said, pointing at a little bed.
"Ew, Like, no. My baby is not going to sit there. That's unsanitary." I shouted. "Look, Lilly, just put him here-" Dr. Krisen said.
"Are you arguing with me? I can sue you! I have phenomenal lawyers, lady, and I can do that to you!" I screamed. "Ugh, I never should've come here! I'm going to get a new doctor. One that respects me!" I stormed out of the room.
I looked at the receptionist. "I need Dr. Terence. Now. Chop chop!" I glared at her.
She nodded and called Dr. Terence.
"A lady needs you. quick." The receptionist said.
Dr. Terrence Came out oF his office.
"Jack?" He said. Dr.Terrence took one look at me. "I'm Dr. Terrance... But you may call me Marcus."
I smiled my beautiful smile. "Marcus. let's go my Jack is sick."
"Okay," Dr. Terrance stared at me with his puppy eyes. I had him wrapped around my finger. Perfect.
We walked into the office. I turned around. "fix him. NOW!"
"I like a girl who knows what she wants" Said Marcus.
November 22, 2015 06:33AM
"She is a small baby" I agreed, looking at Miranda. "But that doesn't mean she won't grow. At least she can fit all the really little baby clothes" I smiled, touching Miranda's soft cheek while she slept. She instinctively turned her head towards my finger, opening her mouth to suckle. I didn't let her suck on my finger though because I wanted to wash my hands first.

"Can we go and sit in the living room? This diaper bag is a bit heavy" I said. I had lots of things in there - bottles, clothes, diapers, wipes, powder, pacifiers, toys, baby snacks and more. "I'm glad. I like choc chip flavour too" I said about the cookies.

I put Ryley down on the floor once we reached the living room. "Well, I haven't brought Chuntao home yet. But I got a call from the adoption agency. They said I can come and get her tomorrow and bring her home" I said, excited. "Hey, Miranda and Chuntao are close in age. Maybe they can be friends like Seamore and Ryley"

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
"Extremely small." I sigh. "Her clothes are a bit big."
"Of course we can go to the living room." I said, leading her to the living room. "I love chocolate chip cookies."
When we got to the living room, I set Miranda's bag on the coat rack.
"I can't wait to see Chuntao. Miranda would love to meet her." I smiled. Baby Miranda had just woke up and I was balancing her on my hip.
"Did I tell you? Ramona broke her hand and wrist and all her fingers on the left hand from the incident at the park." I said. "AND Logan is getting glasses AND Seamore has a bit of an infection because of the fountain. The fountain was a bit dirty, and it got in the cut." I sighed. "It was dirty because Seamore had been playing in the dirt. We're running out of money. I can't even get Baby Miranda some more clothes. I can barely take pictures of my kids any more!"
I looked at baby Miranda. "Do you want to hold her?" I asked. After she answered, I asked, "What're you doing you Thanksgiving?"

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November 23, 2015 05:59AM
"Aww, she'll grow into them" I said good naturedly. "Babies always grow so fast unless they're premmie babies"

I giggled "Me too. I have a lot more at home. I made too many cookies because I got carried away and made double the mixture"

I thanked Juliette for putting my bag up and then I sat on the couch, which was a cool purple colour. "Oh my gosh, you have such a cool living room. I love these funky purple couches and the purple rug with the silk edges. It's just so pretty".

I smiled brightly when she mentioned Chuntao. "I know! Me too. I decorated her room. I have to show you a picture. It's pink, purple and green. Oh, or I'll just show it to you the next time you come over"

I smiled at baby Miranda. "Hello cutie. Did you have a nice nap?" I said sweetly.

I gasped hearing about Ramona "Oh no, poor baby. That's terrible. I hope she gets better real soon" I sighed, "It's a good things kids bounce back from injuries so much faster than adults. Oh, well me and Logan can be glasses geeks together" I laughed jokingly. "I've been wearing glasses since I was five years old, for shortsightedness. My parents only found out I needed them when I started school" I frowned hearing about Seamore. "Oh no not Seamore too. I hope the infection clears up. I always let Ryley play in the fountain when it's warm and we've never had a problem"

I listened to her about money and nodded. It was hard to have enough when you had kids to support. There were so many costs. Nappies, milk, clothes, doctors' appointments, medicine, and so much more.

"Oh tell me about it. Kids aren't cheap. Heck, living isn't cheap. Groceries are so expensive these days. It's a good thing my short stories and books sell so well or we would be in trouble. Hey, if you ever need some financial help though, let me know".

I looked at the baby fashion girl in Julie's arms and held my arms out "Oh, I would love to hold her!"

I looked at Miranda. "Thanksgiving? Huh, it's not something I've ever celebrated before" I said with a smile. We don't have it in Australia where I come from.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!

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"Oh, I know," I said when Miranda said that she'll grow into them. "Later, I guess."
"Yeah, that's what happens to me all the time. I mostly have to do a triple batch, but sometimes I do a quadruple batch!" I said.
"Thanks! The architect who made the house was phenomenal." (Thanks for making my house!) I said. "We're never going to move from this place. It's big, and I love where everything is placed, and it's completely paid for!"
"It's sounds great! I can't wait to meet her!" I smiled.
Baby Miranda giggled and gurgled, trying to talk to Miranda.
I nodded when Miranda gasped. "It's awful. The doctor said about 2 months for Ramona. Ramona'll just bounce back to normal soon. It's taking so long because there are so many injuries. Glasses aren't geeky! They're just expensive! Perhaps they have them at the dollar store," I said. "Logan has the same thing! I think he's too young... I mean, 1 year old! Seamore just got it because of the big cut, and some dirt got in it. Ryley must not've gotten a very big cut in the fountain..."
"Everything is sooo expensive." I agreed. "It's a good thing Jerry's a doctor and I'm a nanny. Jerry's not a big doctor so he doesn't make as much money as most doctors. Thanks, but I couldn't do that. I feel bad taking people's money..."
I put Baby Miranda in Miranda's hands. Baby Miranda curled up and shut her eyes.
"Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada and the United States as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. It is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Several other places around the world observe similar celebrations. Thanksgiving has its historical roots in religious and cultural traditions and has long been celebrated in a secular manner as well. The foods are mostly; pumpkin pie, corn, mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce and more. You can come to our house for Thanksgiving on the 26th, if you're free!" (We can do it like the party or Halloween!) I said.
November 24, 2015 02:48AM
"It's a good thing we have lots of shops here in the valley that sell baby clothes" I said. "I love shopping"

I watched the baby, smiling as she babbled at me. She couldn't talk yet but she was sure trying her best. "I wish I understood what you were saying" I giggled.

"Oh okay. Well I do hope she recovers quickly" I said about Ramona. "Two months is a lot. Yeah, I know they aren't geeky. I was just making a joke" I said about the glasses. I laughed a little. "Sorry. My sense of humour is a bit weird sometimes".

I looked thoughtful "Hmm, well I think you can get the frames cheaper, but for the actual lenses, those are the parts that cost the most"

I looked sympathetic hearing about Seamore's cut. "Ow, poor Seamore. I hope his cut heals up quickly. Actually, Ryley didn't get any cuts, but he did get a bruise. It's already healing up though. He was mostly just shocked and got a huge fright"

I nodded when she said about not taking money from others. "Okay, well, let me know if you ever change your mind. I'm always happy to help people" I smiled.

I held the baby girl and smiled at her. She was so, sooo cute in her little outfit that Julie dressed her in. "I miss it when Ryley was this little" I said. I rocked Miranda in my arms as she started to fall asleep.

I listened to Julie explain about Thanksgiving. I was still a little bit confused but I understood it a bit more now. "Oh, so that's coming up really soon. It's on the 26th!" I said, surprised. "Really? Sure, I'd love to come. I'll bring Ryley and Chuntao" I said. "Do you dress up for it, or do anything special?"

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
"Yes," I said about shopping. "It's fun. I love shopping... except for shopping for expensive things."
"I do, too," I said, "Kids are so funny when they start talking, I wonder what she's like."
"I do too, she's such a rambunctious girl, but now I'm making her stay in bed and rest, not wanting it to hurt more." I said about Ramona. "My sense of humor totally weird at times."
"Yeah, maybe It'll be at the dollar store, or whatever. I'll check the dollar store first and if there isn't anything, I'll talk to the doctor," I said.
"That's good that Ryley isn't cut. I would be shocked too," I said. "Gosh, I heard that the lady- Lilly, isn't it?- her child is sick, and she rushed in the hospital screaming. When I heard that, I said to Jerry, 'What?[i][/i] Her child's sick (He had lice) and she comes screaming into the hospital, our kids were bleeding, bruised, stepped on, or whatever, and WE didn't come screaming!'"
"Don't we all," I said as she rocked Baby Miranda. "But at least you have Chuntao."
"Great!" I said about Thanksgiving. "Most people don't dress up or anything, but my family does. The adults dress up as pilgrims and the kids dress up as turkeys, and we have a little play. Pilgrims were the ones to discover America and then they had a big feast with the Indians and the main food was Turkey. It's an American holiday."
November 25, 2015 08:59AM
I nodded with a sigh "Yeah, I don't know what some people's problem is. I prefer just not to talk or even think about her" I said. "I pray for her though, that she can be happier than she is now and have many blessings, because people who are like that usually are not happy people"

I smiled when she mentioned Chuntao "Yeah, let's look on the bright side. I'm definitely going to bring her over to meet you as soon as possible"

Ryley was rolling around on Julie's purple rug in her living room. He was playing with his hands and feet and chatting happily to himself, just baby babble. "So where is Seamore today? Are the kids all at home?" I asked, looking around. "And where is Ramona's room?"

I listened to her explain about Thanksgiving "Oh, that sounds like fun! I'll see if I can buy a pilgrim outfit online. And dressing Ryley as a turkey is going to be hilarious. I'll have to try and teach him what sound they make" I giggled, because to me, turkeys sounded really funny when they made that gobble-gobble noise.

"Um, would you like me to bring some food to share? I can make a nice dessert or something for the main meal" I said. I had a nice roomy kitchen so it was nice to cook in.

Ryley crawled over to Julie and hugged her leg "Ah-lee" he chirped, trying to say Julie's name. "Seee?"

I covered a laugh, trying not to wake up baby Miranda. "I think he's asking where Seamore is"

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"Seamore's room is across the hall, and Ramona's room is two doors to the right of that." I said. "Do you want to see it?"
"The kids always like the little skit," I said. "Ryley would be an adorable turkey."
"Can you make pumpkin pie?" I asked when she offered to make something. "If it's not too much trouble, of course."
I looked at Ryley. "You want Seeeee? Well, if he's awake, I can get him," I said, walking to Seamore's room. I opened the door and saw Seamore. He was awake so I picked him up and walked back to the living room. When he saw Ryley, he shrieked in happiness. i giggled. I gazed at Baby Miranda, and she had awoken. She wasn't crying for some reason.
"She's not much of a cryer," I said.
I put Seamore next to 'Ry-ry' and they played.
December 02, 2015 11:29AM
I nodded and stood up with Miranda in my arms. "Sure. I'd love to"

I grinned. "If I can get him to wear the costume without taking it off, I'm sure he will be a cute turkey" I said.

I nodded about the pumpkin pie "Sure I can. It's no trouble at all. I've got recipe books at home, or I can use one off the internet. Do you want a savoury version or a sweet version?"

Ryley nodded when Julie asked about Seamore. He watched her walk to Seamore's room and come back with his friend. He clapped his hands clumsily and began to play with Seamore, play fighting like a puppy and wresting his friend to the ground.

I looked at Miranda and smiled at her "Hi cutie. Oh, you're awake. You're very quiet" I said to the baby. She just looked at me with unfocused eyes. She still couldn't see well because she was so little.

I watched Ryley playing with Seamore. "Ryley, be gentle. No rough play, please" I said. "Play nice. Be nice to Seamore"

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"Seamore's already a turkey," I giggled.
I shrugged. "I don't care, my family likes both. We have a sweet tooth and a savor tooth."
Seamore squealed happily and play fought back.
Baby Miranda drooled a little, not getting any on Miranda's shirt.
I got a rag from the kitchen and wiped it off.
"Seamore, be nice," I said. "You may play, but don't hurt each other."
"Mwann," Seamore crawled over to his baby sister and pointed at her, showing Ryley. "Mwann."
"That's her nickname," I smiled. "Little Mwann."
Seamore put his fist in his mouth.
I knocked at the door. when Miranda opened it, I had Jack in my hands.
"I don't like it when you talk about me behind my back," I said. "Don't bully people. You're SO mean and so is Julie." I walked away
December 03, 2015 01:09AM
"Okay, then I'll make two pumpkin pies. One for dinner and one for dessert" I said. "Or maybe a pumpkin soup and a pie. I'll think about it"

Ryley rough and tumbled with Seamore, rolling around the living room floor. He was careful, just doing small tackles, or grabbing at Seamore's legs and arms. They were like two puppies play fighting.

Ryley crawled after Seamore and looked at Miranda. "Bubba" he said, pointing. "Bubba!" He knew what a baby was but he didn't know how to say her name. He was starting to learn small words here and there. He pulled himself up to a standing position, hugging my leg to stay upright. He pointed at Miranda. "Bubba, bubba!" he babbled excitedly.

He looked back at Seamore and copied him, putting his fingers in his mouth and sucking on them.

"Oh no, Ryley, did you wash your hands? That's grubby" I said. "You've been touching all sorts of things, there might be germs on your hand"

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
I smiled. "Sounds great. I'm sure whatever you make will be delicious."
Seamore was confused when Ryley said 'Bubba'.
"Bubba?" Seamore asked. He started to like the word. "Bubba bubba bubba bubba bubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
I smiled. He put his fist in his mouth. "Oh, Seamore!" I wiped his hand off with a baby wipe.
December 04, 2015 12:28PM
"Thanks. I'm glad you have confidence in my cooking skills" I joked. I took one of the baby wipes and cleaned Ryley's hands. I used another to clean my hands, being careful not to drop Miranda or shuffle around too much and upset her.

"Yes, that's right. This is a little bubba". I smiled at Ryley and Seamore. "Ryley, would you like to look at the bubba? You can touch her but be very gentle. Be nice..." I said. Ryley reached out and touched Miranda's arm softly. He held her tiny hand and looked at it in amazement. "Little bubba" he repeated softly, his eyes wide as he stared at her. I let Seamore get up close too, now that he had clean hands. I grinned to myself. It was so funny how little kids liked other littler kids.

I grinned when Ryley copied me. "That's right. She's little. See her tiny fingers and hands. Seamore, you're a big brother. Isn't that exciting?"

"See bubba?" Ryley asked.

I nodded "Yes, that's Seamore's bubba" I said, knowing he couldn't really understand that well.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
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