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BabyValley's boards ! Fun

November 03, 2015 04:05AM
So, like the title says, I had a little fun making a model of mine and my baby's house on The Sims 3! It was a lot of fun. I found it more entertaining than the house game on here, which doesn't work for me.

Here's the view inside our house:


Here's the living room:


My room:


The dining room, it could use some work:


My entrance hall is pretty sparse:


This is the main bathroom that everyone can use:


The study, where I write books and work out:


The laundry, to wash all those baby clothes:


Ryley's room: he loves dinosaurs!


The back yard:


My own bathroom:


The kitchen, nice and big:


And the outside of my house:


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November 03, 2015 04:22AM
I forgot to say, if you know me or my babies, you can role play here! Like, you came to visit me and my babies at our house, that kind of RP.

We can also RP in the general neighborhood, for instance, go trick or treating around the different houses.

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So I'll start, I guess. We're trick-or-treating! Ramona and Ryley are. I'm not there, but my husband is. His name is Jerold.

Jerold (Jerry) rings the doorbell. He holds Ramona's hand, who is dressed up as a princess. When Miranda opens the door, Jerry says, "Hi. I'm Jerry, Julie's husband." And holds out his hand for Miranda to shake it.
"Hi!" Ramona giggles. "I pwincess Wamoma!"
Jerry smiles. "She's excited."
"Whawe Wiwy?" Ramona asked. She meant 'Where's Ryley?' "Whawe?"
"Patience." Jerry told his daughter. He looked at Miranda. "I heard from Julie that Ryley will be a pirate."
"Awwwwggggg!" Ramona said joyfully, imitating a pirate. "Walk duh pwank!" Which meant, 'Walk the plank!'
November 05, 2015 06:30AM
I heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it. I was dressed up as a mermaid. I had on some glitter eye shadow and fake lashes and a dash of lip gloss. My long hair flowed down over my shoulders. This outfit here:


"Hi Jerry, nice to meet you. I'm Miranda" I smiled, shaking his hand. "Ryley's just inside, playing with his toys. I'll go get him!"

I came back to the door, holding Ryley in my arms. He was a little pirate with a white shirt, a blue coat and some blue pants with a couple of patches on them. On his feet were little black pirate boots. I'd painted his face so it looked like he was wearing an eyepatch (without actually putting a real one on, since I think he'd pull it off every time). He was holding a parrot plushie and chewing it, getting drool on the toy. "We are all ready to go"

I looked down at Ramona when she talked to me. I crouched down and balanced Ryley on my leg. "Well, don't you just make an adorable princess! I love your dress" I said, smiling. "Can I take a picture?" I held up my phone, and if she said yes, I would get a photo. I already had some pictures of Ryley.

Ryley heard Ramona say 'walk the plank'. He giggled and waved his hands at her. "AHhhh! AHh!"

I laughed, "Sorry!. 'ah' is the only word he knows so far. So, are we ready?" I said, looking at Ramona and Jerry. "Oh, almost forgot" I went back inside quickly and came out with two buckets, handing one to Ramona and one to Ryley. He put his parrot in it and held onto the handle. "These are for collecting candy"

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"Nice to meet you too," He said. "Haven't I seen you somewhere?"
As soon as Miranda got Ryley, Jery said:
"We're also ready," Jerry said. "Ramona just needs her crown." He pulled out a gold crown out of his pocket.
"I have a weel cwown! A weel pwincess weared it!" Ramona danced around her father. Her words translated to: I have a real crown! A real princess weared it!.
"Shank oo." Ramona said, trying to say thank you. "Mummy made id. She waned oo ee eep." That means, 'Mummy made it. She wanted to be cheap.'
"Yes! I wanna picture! Picture!" Ramona giggled.
"She's photogenic." Jerry sighed. "Loves pictures."
Ramona posed as Miranda took the picture.
"Guess what?" Ramona asked. "My sissy Sabitha's home! She was named after my mummy's friend Sabitha. She is younger then me!"
"Settle down," Jerry told his daughter.
As Miranda gave Ramona the bucket, Ramona said. "OOOOOOOOOhhhh! Pwetty!"
Jerry lifted her up, and said "What house first?"
November 07, 2015 02:01AM
I shrugged "I don't know. Maybe we've met before. I do see your wife at the park a lot" I smiled. "We take the kids to play there and run off their energy"

I took lots of pictures of Ramona all dressed up and wearing her crown. She made an adorable sparkly princess. I would send the pictures to Jerry and Julie's phones so they could look at them or put them on Facebook.

I giggled softly at Ramona's statement about her crown. "That's right sweetie, you're a real princess. All little girls are princesses" I laughed when she said about her mum making her crown. "I'm sure Juliette would just love you to tell me that". I grinned. I thought it was so nice that her mum had taken the time and effort to make her daughter a matching crown for her outfit.

My eyes widened when Ramona mentioned Sabitha. That must be one of the kids I hadn't met yet. "That's great. I'm happy for her" I said. I smiled at Jerry. "That really is good. I'm so happy you got Sabitha back. I'll have to meet her sometime"

I looked around as we tried to decide what house to go to first. "Umm...." I shifted Ryley in my arms. He was wriggling a bit. "How about across the street?" There was a granny flat across the street and then a bunch of houses next to it. "Maybe not the granny flats though. I'm not sure the people who live there do Halloween" We went up to the first house and I let Ramona ring the doorbell. The doorbell was a special Halloween one and when it was pressed it let out a scream. Footsteps came down the hall and the door opened to reveal a woman dressed up as a spider.

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"Oh! So that's where I've seen you! Okay, it was the time that I had to pick up Ramona from the park from her temper tantrum! And then that lady..." He shook his head. "Was a..." He stopped from saying a bad word in front of the kids.
"A bad, bad lady." Sad Ramona, helping out her father. "She was very mean!! She called me..." Ramona sniffed. "A brat!"
Ramona loved the pictures!
"Yep," Ramona said proudly. "Mummy says that I'm a pwincess." She thought for a moment. "Except for when she's mad. Then she calls me 'GO TO YOUR ROOM, RAMONA!"
Then, the conversation of Sabitha came.
"Sabitha is nice." Ramona said.
"Thank you. Yes, we'll have to bring her here or invite you guys over."
When we went to the first house, Ramona rang the doorbell. When the doorbell screamed, Ramona screamed and fell to the floor. Jerry held back his laugh. Ramona popped back up and saw the spider.
"Trick or treat!" We all said. Ramona said then, "NO TRICKS!"
The lady laughed. "Okay. Let's see, A princess-"
Ramona interrupted her. "Princess Ramona," She corrected the old lady.
The lady laughed again. "Okay. Princess Ramona, a pirate, a mermaid and a man."
"NO! He's not a man. He's daddy," Ramona insisted.
The lady raised an eyebrow and gave Ryley and Ramona each a handful of snickers.
"Next time, no interrupting." Jerry told his daughter.
Ramona made a sad face. "Ooookaaaayyy."
Then, Jerry's phone rang.
Ramona gasped and danced to the phone ringing. Jerry laughed and pulled out his phone.
"Hello?" he said. After a while, he said. "Okay. By Julie."
"No nuts for Ramona. She's allergic," Jerry told them. "I never knew that, but Julie just told me soooo..."
They went to the next house and walked up to the door. it was a red house with fake spiders. Ramona whimpered. "I SCARED!" She whispered loudly.
Jerry sighed and rang the doorbell. A lady dressed as a zebra came to the door. She was about 35.
I was taking a walk because Jack doesn't celebrate holidays since we think that holidays are stupid and childish. My husband and baby were with me. I am Lilly, My baby is Jack and my husband is Andrew.
I spotted Miranda and Jerry and their stupid kids.
"Ugh. Those hideous people were at that disgusting park," I said, sneering.
"Yuck." Said Andrew.
We all walked over there, to the house they were at.
"Hmmm, stupid costumes." I said, glaring at them.
"Yeah, stupid!" Andrew said.
"Oh, little brat, what are YOU supposed to be? A butt?" I snickered, looking at Ramona.
"Sure looks like it!" Andrew laughed. "Hey, dude." He looked at Jerry. "Did you have surgery? Cause you your butt is where your face is supposed to be!"
"A mermaid? Are you five?" I rolled my eyes at Miranda. "Loser."
"Look at the rat in the pirate costume," Andrew scoffed.
"What, mermaid, couldn't you make your own baby? Or do you not have a husband to make it?" I laughed.
"Or maybe she adopted because she didn't want the baby to look as ugly as her!" Andrew cracked. "But lady, it didn't work!"
"I heard you're gonna have another baby. Risa?" I smiled. "Terrible name. Do you want her to be bullied all her life? And never get a husband like you!"
"This is a terrible house," Andrew said to the lady dressed as a zebra.
"I hate your costume," I smirked at the zebra lady.
"Hey," Andrew looked at Jerry. "Your costume's the ugliest!"
I laughed. "Well so long, pinheads."
We left that house and went back down the street.
November 09, 2015 02:36AM
Hi "Jack"
Seriously? KIDS play on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are, as you said,
a butt
!!!!!diable pas contentpas vu pas prisFight !!!Adorationangry smiley

Signed, Amber2470
-From Baby Valley-The Valley of Babies
November 12, 2015 02:55AM
@Amber: thanks Amber, you're a sweetheart. Yes, her posts are very unacceptable and I've reported every one of them to the mods.

I nodded when Jerry remembered me. "Yeah, I think I remember meeting you briefly. I waved to you" I smiled. I frowned at the mention of the woman who'd visited the park. "It's best not to worry about her. She must have some sort of health problems, or just never learned any manners" I said. "People like that aren't worth wasting your time over"

I giggled at Ramona's exclamation "Yes, darling, that's right. She was a bad lady. Don't let her upset you. We all know you aren't a brat, but are a very nice little girl" I said. I twiddled around on my phone and sent the pictures of Ramona to Jerry and Julie's phones.

I laughed at Ramona telling me about her mummy. "I think all mummies say that when they get mad. I just can't say it to Ryley yet because he's too little but I'm sure I will say it one day" I nodded. "I'm sure Sabitha is nice too. I'd love to meet all your brothers and sisters. When Ryley turns one, I'll invite you all to his birthday party"

I waited as Ramona rang the doorbell to the first house, hiding a smile. I thought this was so cute. "Trick or Treat!" I joined in. I fluttered my eyelashes and posed like a mermaid for fun when the spider lady mentioned me. I grinned. Ryley hid his face in my shoulder, scared of the spider costume. I took the Snickers bars and said thank you to the nice lady, putting them all in Ryley's bucket. "Don't worry. Ryley can have these and Ramona can have the candy that we get at the next house" I said.

I looked at the spiders of the next house. "Wow, these are so creepy" I laughed. "Good thing they are fake!" I hit one of the spiders gently and Ryley laughed loudly. He reached out and hit the spider with little baby hits, giggling. "See, spiders are not so scary" I smiled.

I looked up when I saw a lady dressed as a zebra come to the door. "Ah, what a cool outfit!" I said. "Did you make it yourself?"

The zebra woman laughed "Yeah, my kids helped me make it. They painted on all the black stripes" She smiled, kneeling down. "And who do we have here?" She gasped, looking surprised "A real princess! Well, I think we had better give this pretty princess some candy" She reached into a bag of gummy candies and put lots of smaller packets filled with gummy bats, gummy eyes and gummy fingers into Ramona's bucket. "Happy Halloween!" Ryley held out his bucket, wanting to play this game too. The zebra lady put a few packets in Ryley's bucket too. "Have fun, kids"

"So, what house should we go to next?!" I asked excitedly, looking to Ramona to tell us which one.

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Ramona looked around when Miranda asked her to choose another house.
"That one," She pointed at a big yellow mansion with fake smoke coming out of it. "It is big."
November 14, 2015 06:26AM
My eyes went wide as I looked at the big mansion Ramona was pointing at. "Wow, now THAT is a house!" I exclaimed. "But imagine having to clean it. It would take forever" I chuckled. "They probably have maids to clean it though"

I shifted Ryley in my arms as he wriggled, wanting to get down. "Ah! Ahhh!" Ryley yelled, wriggling. I gave him the stuffed toy parrot and he chewed on it happily, distracted for now.

"Maybe I should have brought Ryley's pram" I said, sighing. "Oh well, let's go see the next house!" I walked across the street with Ramona and Jerry, holding my baby pirate and his candy bucket.

I let Ramona ring the doorbell.

A man dressed as a vampire opened the door. He was very nice looking with a cool hair style, and he had shiny white fangs in his mouth. "Vwelcome to my mansion, mua ha ha ha~!" he laughed, showing his sharp fangs off and flourishing his cape. "Vwhat can I do for you tasty little morsels tonight?"

I giggled and Ryley squealed and tossed his toy parrot at the man. It bounced harmlessly off his head and landed on the ground. I tried not to laugh "Ryley! What are you doing?" I exclaimed, bending down to pick it up. I handed it to Ryley and he laughed and threw it at the man again. It was apparently a fun thing to do.

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"Whoa," Jerry looked at the mansion. "It's.... HUGE!"
Ramona nodded and skipped across the street.
"Ramona!" Jerry said. "Get over here! Don't cross the street without and adult!" He ran over there and picked her up.
Ramona crossed her arms.
"I'm sorry, I would've let Ryley use Ramona's buggy but I didn't bring it with me."
Ramona rang the doorbell once we were at the house.
It was a vampire, and Ramona shrieked. She ducked behind Jerry.
"Trick... or... treat..." Ramona said, peeping one eye out at the vampire.
When Ryley threw the toy at him, Ramona smiled and giggled.
"Okay, lets give you some tasty treats! Mwva ha ha. A princess, a pirate and a mermaid, the tastiest ones I've seen all day!"
Ramona ran over to the other end of the sidewalk.
"Ramona!" Jerry shouted. He turned to the vampire. "Sorry, I don't know what's gotten into her today." he turned to Miranda. "I'll be right back."
The vampire shrugged and gave Ryley a pack of skittles, and a pack to Miranda. "Give a pack to the girl over there, please." He handed Miranda another pack.
I saw Ramona on the other side of the street. I ran over there before Jerry could get there. I picked up Ramona and ran.
Jerry ran after me, but Andrew punched him in the face so he was out.
"Shut up!" I hissed.
I was very far away from the house I got her from. I put her in my car and drove away.
November 15, 2015 03:26AM
(Julie: please ignore the annoying posts and continue on role playing as per normal. I've reported this user to the webmaster)

I looked worried when Ramona crossed the street without Jerry. I was glad she made it safely across. I shifted Ryley to my other arm, since the one I had been holding him with was getting tired. "It's fine" I smiled. "I can carry him. Next time I'll bring the stroller though"

I grinned when Ramona hid behind her dad. She was a cutie. "Trick or treat!" I said loudly, sounding happy as I joined in.

"I'm sorry" I apologised to the man dressed as a vampire but he only laughed and gave us some candy. I took the packets of Skittles gladly, thanking him. I loved Skittles. I also knew that Ryley was too little to eat them, so I gave his to Ramona's bucket. I laughed when Ramona ran off again. "Kids. They're so full of energy. I don't know why we give them candy" I giggled, knowing there were going to be a lot of hyperactive kids running around tonight and tomorrow from all the sugar. "Anyway, we better keep going. It's getting pretty dark out here and the little ones need to get to bed soon. Thanks for the treats" I said, and followed after Jerry and Ramona. I put the pack of Skittles I got for Ramona into her pink bucket.

"Okay, we will do a few more houses and then I think it's Ryley's bed time" I said, as Ryley rubbed at his eyes sleepily, holding the bucket which had packets of candy and a stuffed parrot inside.

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"Okay," Jerry said to Miranda. "Ramona getting too wound up, so I think you're right."
"I'm hungry." Ramona mumbled. She took out her pack of gummies and ate some of the gummies. "Yum."
Jerry picked up his daughter. "No more running." He said.
Ramona groaned.
"So, what house?" Jerry asked.
November 16, 2015 12:50PM
I looked around, looking for houses that weren't too far away. "What about that one over there?" I suggested, pointing to a nice little cottage with glowing Jack O Lanterns out the front, carved to look like smiley faces. "That seems friendly" I carried Ryley up the stepping stones to the front door.

There was no door bell. I knocked loudly and waited for someone to come to the door. Footsteps shuffled down the hall towards us. The door creaked open...and there stood a lady dressed as a witch. She had a robe, a sparkly wand, and a big, pointy hat with stars all over it.

"Heh heh heh!" she cackled. "Who can I cast a spell on tonight?"

Ryley squealed and chucked his parrot at her. It hit her arm and bounced onto the grass harmlessly. "Ryley!" I exclaimed. "You can't do that to everyone we meet"

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Jerry nodded as we walked to the cottage.
Ramona wasn't scared of the witch.
"I'm a princess," Ramona said proudly.
"I'm sure you are. Here," The witch cackled and gave them all a pack of M&Ms.
"Yummy," Ramona said, licking her lips.
November 17, 2015 04:23AM
I gave Ryley's packet of M & M's to Ramona. "Here. Ryley's too little to eat tiny candies like this, so you can have them" I told her, dropping the pack of M&M's into her bucket.

I covered a yawn with one hand. "Okay. Only two more houses and then I'm calling it a night" I said. "Ryley, do you want to choose?"

Ryley didn't understand what I was saying. He just looked at me and grabbed a packet of candy and started to chew on the wrapper. "Um...maybe you better choose the next one" I told Ramona, giggling at Ryley a bit.

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"Thanks!" Ramona said when Miranda gave the M&Ms to her.
"That one!" Ramona pointed to a brown house with eggs on it and toilet paper all over it.
"Um, okay," Jerry shrugged. They walked over to the house.
"Good decorations!" Ramona smiled, looking around. Jerry laughed.
Ramona skipped to the door. There was no door bell.
"What?" Ramona said, confused. "Where the doorbell?"
Jerry laughed again, knocking on the door.
A lady with bright yellow hair came to the door. She had a yellow t-shirt on and a pair of yellow jeans. On her feet was some yellow sneakers. She had a yellow hat on.
"Trick-or-treat!" Ramona smiled.
November 19, 2015 07:20AM
I screwed my face up at the house covered in toilet paper and eggs. What a messy decoration. It looks more like they got pranked than decorated for Halloween. "Okay..." I said uncertainly. Ryley leaned against my shoulder and yawned.

"Trick or Treat" I chimed in when Ramona called out the usual greeting.

"Well, aren't those some nice costumes?" the lady beamed. "I wasn't sure what to dress up as this year so I decided to be a duck. Quack quack!" she folded her arms and flapped them like wings, and I noticed her hat was shaped to be like a duck's beak. I laughed.

The woman laughed as well "My grandkids love it" she said. "They laughed too"

"You get points for trying" I said with a giggle. "I just bought my costume off the internet. I don't know how to sew" I held up Ryley's bucket and she looked at it.

"Oh, yes! Let me get you some treats" she stated, and disappeared back into her house. She came back with some squeaky rubber ducks and some duck shaped cookies with yellow icing. She put some in Ryley's bucket and some in Ramona's bucket. She pinched Ryley's cheek "Well aren't you just the cutest fearsome pirate I've ever seen" she cooed at him.

Ryley giggled, and waved his hands at her. He broke off in another big yawn.

"Thank you. Have a nice night. By the way, I don't know if you realised but your house is covered in smashed eggs and toilet paper" I said.

The duck lady waved a hand and laughed. "Oh, that was my grandkids. They wanted to help me decorate but I didn't have any Halloween stuff. So we improvised"

She looked at Ramona. "Here you go princess. You can have the rest of these cookies. I baked too many" and she gave Ramona all the duck cookies.

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Ramona smiled when the lady told her that she was a duck.
"Ducky!" She smiled. "I love duckies!"
Ramona loved the cookies and rubber duckies. "Thank you!"
When the lady gave her all the cookies, Ramona gasped. "YUM!"
"Thank you!" Ramona giggled.
November 22, 2015 06:26AM
I yawned and adjusted my hold on Ryley again as the duck lady closed her door and went back inside. He was starting to get heavy. "All right, ONE more house and that's it" I said. "Your candy buckets are almost full and Ryley is nearly asleep"

I took one of the duck cookies from Ryley's bucket and nibbled on it. "Wow, these are really good" I said, tasting vanilla flavour and shortbread. "Be careful not to eat them all at once, Ramona" I warned her playfully. I knew she probably wouldn't do that. At least, I hoped she wouldn't.

I looked around the houses. There was a dark one at the end of the street that had pretend gravestones in the front lawn. "That house won't be too scary for Ramona will it?" I asked Jerry, pointing to the place with the gravestones.

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"Okay. Ramona's getting kind of tired, too." Jerry said.
When Ramona wasn't looking, Jerry took one of her cookies. "These ARE good."
"I won't. My parents won't let me. Plus, I'll have to share it with my sisters and brothers." Said Ramona.
Jerry looked at the place with fake gravestones. "Ramona, these aren't real. Are you still scared?"
"No. I'm a big girl." Ramona said.
So we walked up to the door. "I hope Ryley isn't scared." Jerry said.
November 23, 2015 06:10AM
I smiled at Ramona's words. "You're a good girl; sharing them with your family. That's really nice of you" I praised her. Encouraging sharing and kindness to others was important.

I rang the doorbell and it let out a moan like a zombie. I giggled. "Uh oh, sounds like there's walking dead in this one!"

The door creaked as it swung open and a man and woman dressed as zombies moaned and wailed at us dramatically. "Oh no! Zombies!" I laughed, pretending to be scared. I looked at Ryley. He was fast asleep, drooling on my shoulder. "Ry-Ry's asleep. He got tuckered out" I giggled, stroking his fluff of black hair.

"Braiiiinnnss.....braiiiinnnsss..." One of the zombies reached out to Jerry and pretended to feel his head and look for brains. The zombie looked disappointed. "Braiinnnsss" He moaned, and tried looking for Ramona's brain. He was of course just playing. His wife was holding a big bag of all different Halloween candies. Like from this site: Halloween Themed Candy

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"Thank you," Ramona said.
The doorbell made Ramona jump.
"Zombies?" Ramona whimpered.
Jerry picked her up and balanced her on his shoulder.
Jerry laughed when the zombie was disappointed. "I don't have brains?" He asked playfully.
The zombie moved on to Ramona's head.
"I don't have brains!" She cried.
The woman gave them each 1 Twix bar, 1 pack of m&m's, 1 Snickers bar, 1 handful of candy corn and a lollipop.
November 24, 2015 02:59AM
The zombie just winked at Jerry and groaned dramatically, swaying around. He laughed when Ramona shrieked that she didn't have brains. He moved his hands away and pretended to eat my brains, making loud slurping noises.

I shrieked and laughed loudly, playing along. "Noooo, not my brains!"

"Thanks a bunch!" I said as the woman gave out candy. "Have a good night. I think the older kids will be coming now that it's gotten dark"

The woman laughed and so did her husband. "We're well prepared. I have another two sacks full of candy inside" she grinned. She looked a bit scary because of the face paint.

"And I can do this all night" the man said and moaned again playfully.

"Here Ramona, you can have these" I said, giving her the M&Ms and the candy corns. "Ryley is too little and there's more kids at your house"

I looked at Jerry. "Well that's it then. Let's go home. I'll see you and Julie at Sabitha's beach party" I smiled as I walked back home with Jerry, Ramona and Ryley. I said goodbye to my friends and went inside, putting Ryley to bed and then staying up watching Markiplier playing Five Nights at Freddy's games. I loved Markiplier. He was a gamer with a Youtube channel and he was very funny to watch.

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Jerry smiled when he pretended to eat Miranda's brains.
When the woman gave us candy, and Miranda talked to them a little, and gave Ramona some candy, Ramona said,
"Thank you," And yawned.
"She's just about out,"Jerry remarked. When they got back, Jerry said, "Yep, I'll see you at the party!"
They waved goodbye and Ramona hugged Miranda and kissed Ryley on his forehead. "Bye bye!" She said, a bit sleepily. Anyway, they walked home, (It was only 2 houses away from Miranda's house grinning smiley)
When they got home, Ramona put her candy on the shelf, brushed her teeth and put her pajamas on and fell asleep.
September 20, 2016 02:49AM
I haven't heard from my friend Juliette for a long time now, or her kids. They may even have moved out. I tried sending her some emails but I don't know if she got them. I guess I'll just wait and see. I might try to make some new friends of the other Mummies and Daddies around the neighborhood. Baby Valley is a nice place and there sure are a lot of families here with young kids.

Speaking of kids, my little girl turned two the other day!!! We had a birthday party for her, just Ryley and me. I really need to get out there and meet some new friends for my kids to play with. Anyway, it was a butterfly themed party and we decorated the back yard. There were coloured strings of butterflies going across the top, paper butterflies on the fence, butterfly helium balloons...everything was butterflies!! She had a butterfly cake, butterfly mini cakes, butterfly celery and pretzels and more. To drink there was 'flower nectar' fruit juice. Chuntao and Ryley were dressed up as little butterflies too and ran around pretending to fly to different flowers. They were sooooo cute! I got it all on video. I just know they're going to love looking back on these home movies when they're older.

After the party, I put the kids in their carseats and loaded the prams into the boot of my car. We drove to the shops and got new clothes for Chuntao and new toys for both of them! Gosh, they were a little hyper from the party food though, so they were noisy and giggly. They ran around in the shops touching things and playing in the clothing racks. I tried to keep them under control but sometimes it's not easy with two 2 year olds! So I basically had two excited sugar filled kids running around the toy store playing with everything.

We got some scented bubble mix to play with and I've been trying to teach them how to blow them properly. Chuntao actually got the hang of it and she loves them so much she will spend hours outside in the back yard blowing bubbles and watching them. And smelling the different scents. Strawberry, choco chip and bubblegum were the three we got.

Ryley on the other hand, got a new set of plastic dinosaurs and he loves them! He'll spend hours outside doing imaginative play and letting the dinosaurs explore the sandpit and the lawn and deck. I also got him a dinosaur night light because he's started this new phase of being scared of the dark.

Anyway, I have to go now. My little ones are up from their nap and it's time to change diapers and feed them some yummy snacks. Then we might go out to play in the park. smiling smiley

I'll write more in my diary and let you know how we're all going. Bye for now!


Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
September 21, 2016 03:15AM
So, ever since Chuntao became a toddler, I've been giving her more foods to try. So far it doesn't seem to be going very well. She's used to having multiple bottles a day so cutting her back to 1 bottle of 12 doses seems strange to her. She's full after that one bottle I let her have at bed time, but she's always asking for another bottle in the morning or throughout the day.

I feel bad having to say no, but the instructions on the formula tin were very clear and I don't want to overfeed her. Instead, I've been offering her new things to try; chopped up fruits, vegetables, meat, grains and dairy. She seems to be having trouble with the new foods and hasn't been eating as much as she should, so she goes hungry when she doesn't eat. Of course, I make sure to give her foods she likes and that she is used to so she won't starve, but she just seems to want her bottle all the time and nibble at new foods before leaving them on her plate or throwing them away.

Maybe I'm going too fast for her. I might cut back a bit and introduce things more slowly...like, one new food and wait till she gets used to it...and then try another new food. I guess all children are fussy eaters in the beginning. Although I've heard some babies will eat anything. Hopefully she's going to get better soon.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
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