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November 12, 2015 03:55AM
I didn't see what happened to Ramona but Jerry must have seen it and he would help her.

I said "Excuse me?" When Lilly told me she hated my hair. "What kind of comment is that?" I put Ryley down on the baby blanket next to Julie and let him hold onto his bottle and continue drinking from it. I ignored the deranged woman's rude comments and ran to get Seamore's bottle out of the bushes. I gave it back to Juliette. "Here. I don't know what's wrong with that woman" I said.

I ignored the woman's stupid comments. She was a very rude person. The next thing she did shocked me. I thought I should call the police to come and arrest her but I was too busy running into the fountain and picking up Seamore and Ryley. Ryley was soaking wet, but unhurt, even though he was crying at the top of his lungs. Seamore had blood trickling down his forehead from a gash on his head. "Seamore's hurt!" I called to Juliette as I handed her the baby boy. "We have to take him to the hospital"

I looked over at Jerry and Ramona, patting Ryley's back as I rocked him side to side to try and calm him down. "Is Ramona okay? Is she hurt?" I yelled, so they would hear me over Ryley's screaming. "Let's take all the kids to the hospital and get them checked over"

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I glared at the woman as she made the comment about Miranda's hair. I didn't know what to say. She threw Seamore's bottle and Miranda ran and got it for me.
"Thank you so much." I told Miranda as she handed me the bottle.
When Lilly threw Ryley and Seamore I was too shocked to speak. i ran after them. Miranda picked them both up. Miranda handed him to me and I ran over to Jerry.
"Ramona's pretty hurt," Jerry said angrily. "That woman..."
I ran into my mini van and put Seamore and Ramona in.
"Here, get in," I said to miranda. "We'll drive to the hospital!"
November 14, 2015 06:17AM
I left Ryley's pram in the park but I snatched up his diaper bag and hurried after Julie and her husband and their kids. "Thanks!" I said gratefully as I climbed in.

I hopped into the minivan and took a seat, clipping my seatbelt on and holding Ryley on my lap. I continued to shush and comfort him as he clung onto the front of my dress with his chubby little hands, water soaking off his wet clothes and wetting my clothes. I didn't care. I just held my baby close, protecting and comforting him. His cries turned softer and then into soft hiccups. He wasn't hurt (that I knew of), but he did get a really big fright. I kissed his forehead and smoothed wet black hair away from his face. I pulled out my cellphone and called the hospital to let them know we were coming.

***Okay, this is now moving over to the hospital thread: let's continue there. smiling smiley

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When Miranda was all strapped in, Jerry started to drive.
"Sorry for the screaming babies," I said.
I laughed as they drove away, and spotted the stroller they had left behind. I picked it up and threw it in the trash. I also took out my coffee cup and spilled it in the garbage, and it got all over the stroller. I grabbed Jack.
"Blech!" The smell made him barf. On the stroller. I laughed.
"Oh you are a good boy!" I said, wiping his mouth with a baby wipe. I set him in his stroller
November 15, 2015 03:24AM
All right - cut it out! I've reported you directly to the webmaster this time.

Go and harass someone else. If you're just here to be a nuisance, please leave and go find something more constructive to do.

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Yeah, Jacksmum! Just stop!
December 09, 2015 01:35AM
I'm going to my real life self

Age: 29
Name: Emma
Kids: Lily (5), Olive (2), Kayla (8), Jane (10)
Looks: Half Chinese. I am half French but grew up in Oregon, US. I have black shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. I'm tall and skinny.

I walk into the park. Jane runs to the trampoline, Lily goes to the slide, Kayla goes to the sandbox and Olive goes to the see-saw. She looks around and cries because no ones on with her.
"Lily! Play with Olive!" I yell. Lily runs over to the see-saw and goes on the other end. hey play happily.
"Mom! Look at the castle I made!" Kayla said. She had made a small castle. She kicked it and screamed, 'Hurricane! AUUUHGHGG'.
I giggled softly.
December 10, 2015 07:48AM
(Oh hi! Welcome to the rp Emma. smiling smiley )

I was in the park with my two babies, Ryley (one), and Chuntao (5 months). I pushed two prams along the path and then sat under a shady tree. There were pink and white flowers in the grass.I took Chuntao out of her pram and strapped her into one of the little baby swings near the elm tree. I pressed a button and the swing rocked her gently. She giggled and waved her hands at the toys strung up above the swing.

I unstrapped Ryley from his pram and put him down in the grass and flowers. He crawled around, picking flowers with his hands, accidentally pulling them out by the roots.

I saw Ryley crawl over to a tall, skinny woman with black hair and blue eyes. He held the flowers out to her. "Fwowa" Ryley said loudly and happily, holding the flowers out for her to take as he looked proud of himself.

*edit* We played at the park for a couple of hours with Emma and her children before going back home. We could come back another day. It looked like a thunderstorm was rolling in and we didn't want to get caught in the rain.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!

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