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BabyValley's boards ! Fun

October 22, 2015 06:10AM

Welcome to a lovely playground where everyone can play, have fun and make friends. Here is a place where you can role play your parents and babies from Baby Valley. That means, you make some characters, and then you write as though you're pretending to be those characters! The setting is a playground, as shown in the picture above.

I made this playground on The Sims 3 but you can try making one too. smiling smiley

To play this game, all you have to do is fill out a profile for your character/s. And then you write for them. So you pretend to be the baby and the parents and you interact with other players. You can copy and paste the profile skeleton below and fill it out with your character's information.


Character Name:
Character Age:
What they look like:
Children: (info and pictures about your babies goes here)


Character Name: Mary
Character Age: 25 years old
What they look like: Mary is a young woman with long black hair in a ponytail that is tied with a green silk ribbon. She has peachy skin and bright green eyes. She wears pink flip flops, a white pleated skirt and a pink tee shirt with a flower on it.
Children: Mary has a daughter named Milly. Milly has short black hair, peachy skin and blue eyes. She wears a little white dress with pink flowers on it. Her feet are bare.

Example: Mary pushed Milly's stroller along the path that led into the park. She stopped the stroller under a shady tree and let Milly out, putting her on the grass that was speckled with pink and white flowers.

Milly looked around the park, seeing a shallow water fountain in the middle. She crawled towards the fountain, wanting to splash in the cool, clean water.

Mary watched Milly very carefully. She didn't mind if her baby played in the water fountain but she knew you had to always watch babies when they played in the water.

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October 22, 2015 07:47AM
Okay, since no one is playing yet, I'll start us off with my characters.

Character Name:Miranda
Character Age:29 years old
What they look like:I have long blonde hair with a side fringe, blue-grey eyes, and a 'peaches and cream' skin tone. I am 165cm tall and I'm wearing a white dress that flows down to my knees. I have white sandals on my feet. I'm wearing a simple gold heart necklace.
Children:My baby boy is named Ryley. His birthday is 17th October 2015. He is currently 1 month and 4 days old.

I push Ryley's stroller into the playground, walking along the gravel path. It is a sunny summer day and the weather is warm enough to go swimming. I park Ryley's plain blue stroller next to a bench and put my picnic basket on the table. I bend down and smile at Ryley, who is babbling baby noises to himself. "Hey Ryley, want to come out and play?" I say. I pick Ryley up in my arms and snuggle him, kiss him on one chubby cheek and then put him down in the green grass that is speckled with pink and white flowers. "Okay, go and play sweetie. I'll be right here watching" I say, sitting down on the picnic bench and watching to see what my baby will get up to...

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!

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Name: Juliette (I'm doing myself, but older)
Age 19
I have brown hair that is shoulder-length. I have blue eyes and white skin. I am wearing a jogging outfit.
Children: Tyler, Seamore and Dylan (Tyler and Dylan are not with me, they are at the pediatrician)

I walk around the playground with Seamore in my hands. (He doesn't like strollers). We see a little Hispanic boy crawling on the ground. I put Seamore on the ground beside him and they immediatly become friends. I talk to the mom a bit and apparently her boy is name Ryley and only a couple days older than Seamore. When we have to leave, Seamore cries, but we must leave to pick up Tyler and Dylan from the pediatrician.
October 23, 2015 02:33AM
"Oh hi Juliette, it's nice to meet you" I say, before chatting with the other young mum for a while. I asked her what her little boy's name was and she told me it was Seamore. "That a nice name" I say. "Wow, our babies are really close in age".

I watched Ryley interact with little Seamore and smiled at how cute they both were. They seemed to get along really well, touching and babbling to each other. "It looks like you made a new friend" I tell Ryley. He just gurgles at me, not understanding.

When it's time for Juliette to leave, I wish her all the best with her other two kids, I say that I hope they are feeling better soon.

I go to Ryley's diaper bag that is sitting in the bottom of the stroller and take out a bib then crouch next to Ryley and clean his face off with it, since he was drooling a little bit. "Well that was nice, wasn't it? You had someone to talk to for a while" I smiled, just talking to my baby. He looked at me with his innocent, big blue eyes and giggled at me. He didn't understand my words but he liked my tone of voice.

I sat on the grass next to my baby, watching to see what he would do next. I looked around at all the flowers growing in the grass and I picked one to show Ryley. "Look Ryley. It's a flower" I say, holding it out to him.

Ryley's eyes focus on the flower. He reaches out a chubby hand and grabs the flower from my hand, crushing it by accident. He lifts the flower to his mouth and stuffs it in.

"Ah, no no, that's not for eating, silly boy" I said, and quickly took the flower out of his mouth and hand.

Ryley blinked for a moment and then started to cry.

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The next day, I go over to the park again. All my babies are sick, but it isn't contagious and I figured it was okay, and they needed something to do while their daddy wasn't home and was at his work, he's an orthodontist. We see little Ryley again so I walk up to them. Tyler and Dylan were in the stroller and I was holding Seamore.
"Hello, nice to see you again," I smile. "Ryley looks beautiful today."
I set down Seamore beside Ryley. "Don't worry, the sickness isn't contagious." I say.
Seamore and Ryley play and play. Dylan and Tyler had found other friends on the other side of the park.
October 25, 2015 01:49AM
I came back to the park nearly every day, since it was a nice playground and it was close to where I lived. I took Ryley for a walk in his pram and we arrived at the park early. I looked up when I heard a friendly voice.

"Oh, hi Juliette! It's good to see you, too. Thank you. He was a little bit fussy this morning so I took him for a walk to the park" I say with a smile, letting Ryley out of his stroller so that he can play with Seamore.

"Oh well, that's good. I wouldn't want Ryley to get sick too." I say about the sickness not being contagious. "Sorry that all your little ones are sick. I hope they feel better soon" I say kindly, looking at Tyler, Dylan and Seamore and waving at them.

Ryley crawled over to the water fountain in the middle of the playground. It was shallow, and it had a dome shaped fountain spray coming from the middle. Ryley leaned forwards and dabbled his little hand in the water.

I chuckled, watching him "Ohh, here we go. Kids just love water. Good thing it's a sunny day" I say, knowing that the babies are probably going to get in the fountain and splash around.

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I laugh as Seamore goes over to the fountain, copying his new friend. Pretty soon, Seamore falls in! i run over the fountain and take him out. He is soaking wet, but he doesn't care. He goes back to playing with Ryley.
"Well, boys will be boys!" I laugh. "They don't stop playing!"
After a while of silence, I tell her that I am having a baby today. It is a boy that I will name Chandler.
October 26, 2015 12:48PM
Ryley watched Seamore topple into the water. He giggled, thinking it was a game. He was so busy watching what his friend was doing that he leaned too far forwards and accidentally overbalanced, falling in head first. He sat up and shook his head, sending water droplets flying. Ryley splashed his hands in the fountain and giggled, loving the water.

I sit down on the grass near the edge of the fountain, keeping an eye on both our boys since you always had to watch babies near water. "That's true. Good thing I brought a spare change of clothes in Ryley's diaper bag" I laughed. "He's always getting into mischief. His clothes get so dirty sometimes"

I watched the kids playing and splashing. Ryley was now trying to drink the water spraying from the center of the fountain in a dome pattern, but he was only succeeding in getting a faceful of spray.

I look surprised at Juliette's news and then happy "Congratulations. Wow, you're going to have your hands full with four little boys. If you ever need someone to babysit, I'd be happy to help" I smiled.

I went to Ryley's diaper bag and got out a small towel and his spare set of clothes plus a clean diaper. I looked over at the babies and giggled. Their clothes were soaked and their diapers were poofed up and soggy because they, being absorbent, had sucked up the water.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
I laughed. I managed to find a pair of clean clothes in Tyler's stroller. I laughed and said to Miranda, "It's a bit crazy, but we'll make it through, and thanks. There will be days that I might need your help, but most days they just go to gramma's house or Aunt Anna's house,"
Seamore was laughing, and suddenly, he had a surprised look. I laughed. "Seamore needs a changed diaper."
I quickly changed his diaper and he got back to playing, but before that, I took off his clothes so he was only wearing his Diaper.
"Much better," I said. "Now he won't get his clothes anymore soaked!" I got a plastic zip-lock bag and put his clothes in it.
October 27, 2015 02:03AM
Eventually, Ryley wanted out of the water. He sat at the side of the fountain in the shallow pool and held his arms out to me and whined.

I got up and picked him up out of the fountain, "All right, all right, let's get you some dry clothes now" I said, holding Ryley out at arm's length because I didn't want to get wet too.

I carried Ryley back over to where I was sitting and laid out his change mat, the one that had colourful dinosaurs on it. I stripped his wet clothes off and took off his soggy diaper, then re-dressed him in a new diaper with stars on the front, and a plain white singlet and little blue shorts that had a dinosaur on the pocket. "There we go, all done!" I sang to my baby, helping him sit up and putting away the wet clothes in a plastic bag.

Ryley crawled over to Juliette, and looked up at her. He reached out a hand and patted at her, curiously. "That's Juliette" I told Ryley. "That's Seamore's mummy"

Ryley gave Juliette a big smile.

I meanwhile, fished in Ryley's diaper bag and brought out a special bag that kept groceries cool. I pulled out a blue tinted bottle with dinosaurs on it. Okay, Ryley really loved dinosaurs! It was a theme. He even had them in his bedroom at home.

"Ryley, come here. It's time for your bottle" I said, picking him up off Juliette's lap, where he had crawled. "Sorry about that" I said to Juliette. "He loves meeting new people. He's not shy at all" I chuckled.

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I smile and say, "Oh, well, he is not bothering me at all!" I smile at him. "He's so cute!!"

I get out Seamore's bottle and start feeding him. It was a bottle with no design. "Seamore needs a plain one because he gets distracted easily and plays with the design." I said. "You're lucky that Ryley is not easily distracted."
October 28, 2015 10:12AM
Ryley hungrily drinks his bottle, snuggled in my arms. He waves his pudgy hands at Seamore, watching the other boy while he keeps drinking his formula.

"Well, I'm glad he's not annoying you. He doesn't have any idea what personal space is yet, so he tends to go up and sit on people, poke his fingers up their nose, that sort of thing" I giggled. "He's my silly boy"

I looked at Seamore's plain bottle and nodded while I continued to feed Ryley. "I think all little kids are easily distracted though. Ryley just gets distracted by different things. For one thing, he loves people, and the other thing he loves is dinosaurs, and water. I can never keep him away from water, not even puddles". I paused for a moment, thinking, before I looked back at Juliette "Hey, I was thinking, why don't we let the kids try going down the slide or on the seesaw? They might be too little but that's why we can help them. Otherwise, Ryley's gonna be straight back in the fountain" I grinned. "Water's like a magnet to him"

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I nod. "Seamore loves water, also."
We take Seamore and Ryley over to the see-saw and we push them up and down. Seamore giggled.
Tyler, Dylan and Chandler look at their brother jealously. I say,
"Tyler, Dylan and Chandler, you'll do it tomorrow."

In real life, Seamore and Dylan got taken away, but I'll get them back shortly.
October 29, 2015 02:17AM
"I think all babies do" I say, agreeing with Juliette. "Maybe we should take them to the pool and have baby swimming classes. Or the beach!"

When Ryley finishes eating, I clean him up with a couple of wet wipes and burp him to get out any air he may have swallowed. He always eats well.

I pick him up and carry him over to the pink and blue seesaws that are in the playground. Looking around, I can see woodchips covering the play area to make a nice soft place in case kids should fall. I smile in approval. I placed Ryley on one end of the blue seesaw while Juliette holds Seamore on the other end. We began to move the seesaw gently up and down. "Wheee!" I sang to Ryley, making it sound like fun each time he went higher. He gasped and looked scared the first few times and then started to really enjoy it, giggling and kicking his little legs excitedly.

I looked at Tyler, Dylan and Chandler. They looked like they were missing out. "We can take turns and give everyone a ride if you want" I offer. Ryley won't mind, he'll just crawl around and explore if I put him down".

I looked around the playground and saw there was a large sandpit with toys in it right next to us. Ryley had a little sandpit at home, but he always tried to eat the sand. He'd probably play in it quite happily. Or there were the swings. (Pretend they are the ones made for toddlers/babies. I couldn't find that type on Sims but we can use our imagination! Lol).

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
I picked up Tyler, Dylan and Chandler and plopped them onto the sand. They enjoyed it.
"I think that Ryley and Seamore were having so much fun, and I wouldn't want to ruin their fun. Besides, they can go on it later," I say. Tyler was giggling, Dylan laughing and Chandler squealed of joy.
Seamore liked the seesaw and every time it went up, he said, "Uh" and whenever it went down, he said "Dow"
After a while, Seamore got tired. When I went down, he rolled off purposely and crawled over to the sandbox. I laughed and gently put the seesaw up and went over to Seamore. He had fallen asleep!
"Okay, he's obviously tired, I better put him in the stroller." I tell Miranda, picking Seamore up.
"WAAAAAHHH!" Tyler suddenly wailed.
I sighed. Tyler was hungry. I put Seamore in the stroller and pulled out a bottle with minions on it.
"He won't drink out of a bottle without minions on it!" I explain. "He's quite a handful." I start feeding Tyler.
Dylan drifted off to sleep and so had Tyler. I put them both in their strollers. Chandler had gotten bored so he crawled over to the slide and tried to climb to the top. He fell down the slide and giggled. He tried numerous times until I walked over and put him on the top and he slid down. I caught him at the bottom. He laughed. We did this several more times until he got tired and I put him in his stroller.
"I have to go home." I tell Miranda. "Bye!"
I give her my cell number and walk home with the babies
October 30, 2015 11:29AM
Me and Ryley enjoyed hanging out with Juliette and her babies. We passed several hours letting the babies play and explore the playground. It was fun just watching everyone play and laugh. Eventually though, the kids got tired and my friend had to leave.

"Okay. Have a safe trip home. Thanks for the phone number" I said, waving bye bye to everyone. "I understand. I have things to do at home, too". I gave her my phone number as well, adding her number into my phone contacts. "See you next time, maybe" I smiled "We're always at the park". Well, we lived like, five minutes away. It was practically our own back yard.

Picking up Ryley, who was rubbing his eyes and whining tiredly, I walked back to the blue pram and strapped Ryley in, dusting sand off his clothes from when he played in the sandpit.

He would definitely fall asleep on the walk back home. I packed up all his things and stuffed the diaper bag back in the bottom of the stroller, then grabbed the handles and began to push the pram along the gravel path and then onto the footpath, walking back home. I hummed softly to myself. It was such a lovely day. I decided to have a cat nap when I got home and put Ryley down for his nap. It was always a good idea to snatch a little extra sleep. As a mummy to a baby boy, I was always busy.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
The next day I came back to the park. I saw Miranda and walked over to her. I had brought Ramona also.
"Hi, Miranda!" I said. "You haven't met Ramona. This is my daughter Ramona. Ramona, this is Miranda."
"Hi, Mewanna," Ramona said. "I Wamoma."
I smiled.
"I gonna be a pwiness or Alloeen. It oomowow! I egzided."
That translated to: I'm gonna be a a princess for Halloween. It's tomorrow. I'm excited.
Ramona ran over to the red and yellow play structure. I smiled as she climbed up the ladder.
"She's energetic," i explain. "What'll Ryley be for Halloween?"
"We're going on vacation on Halloween and they won't dress up. Ramona just wanted to dress up." I explain after she answers my question.
Ramona comes back after a while.
"I wanna pway wish Eeore!" She cried.
She meant- I wanna play with Seamore.
"Seamore is napping" I say, pointing at Seamore who was sleeping peacefully in the stroller.
October 31, 2015 02:53AM
I was at the park with Ryley again. He was riding one of the bouncy ride-on toys that was shaped like a rocket. It moved back and forth and bounced, while playing music. Ryley loved it. He'd been on there for five minutes and he still didn't want to get off.

I saw some people walking along the path that wound through the park and when I recognised who they were, I waved. Instead of shouting across the playground, I talked to them when they came up to me "Hi! Good to see you. How are things going?" I asked, smiling. I noticed a little girl, about one year old. She had wavy brown hair and a pretty dress and white booties on her feet. She was adorable!

I crouched down to be at Ramona's eye level and smiled nicely at her. "Hi Ramona. It's nice to meet you" I said softly. I held back a giggle at how she said my name. Aww, that was so cute! I wished Ryley could talk, but he was three months old now and he only knew how to say 'ah' sounds for the time being, along with the usual baby babble. I kept wanting him to say 'Mummy' but he hasn't yet.

"Wow, you talk really well. You're such a big girl" I complimented Ramona. She was so young but she could already talk, it was kind of amazing. I listened to her talk about Halloween and smiled after I figured out what she was saying. I was glad she was going to dress as something nice and pretty instead of scary and ugly (like zombies for instance. I really hate zombies!). "A princess. That's so lovely. I'm sure you will be a wonderful princess" I said to Ramona, and gave a knowing smile to Juliette. I knew her mum would probably have a princess dress or something for her to wear.

I stood up again when Ramona ran off to the play structure and turned back to Juliette. "Ryley? Oh, he's going to be a pirate" I giggled. "Not that he really understands what Halloween is yet, but I wanted to get some cute photos and share them on Facebook and email them to friends and family" I explained. "I hope you have a nice vacation. Good luck with that by the way. Once one kid gets to dress up, they'll all want to do it. Unless they're too little to know any better. Then they probably won't care" I said, watching Ramona toddle over to us.

"Eeyore?" I blinked, confused at what Ramona said. I looked to Julie for answers. "Is she talking about the donkey off Winnie the Pooh?"

Juliette said that Seamore was napping, and then it clicked. Oh, Seamore. I started laughing. I couldn't help it. It was so funny the way Ramona said her little brother's name.

Ryley heard me laughing and started to join in. He giggled and squealed loudly while waving his hands in the air. The bouncy rocket ride had stopped but he was still sitting in it looking happy. "Ah! Ahhh!" Ryley shouted, laughing again. I winced at how loud he was being. He sure had a set of lungs on him. "Ryley, mummy's going deaf!" I laughed, protesting a bit. Uh-oh. I hope he didn't just wake up Seamore. o.o

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Seamore did not wake up.
"He's a heavy sleeper." I explained.
Ramona walked over to Ryley and said: "Hewo, I Wamoma!" She squealed.
"Ramona, come here," I told my daughter. "Are you hungry?"
Ramona nodded. I handed her a little bag of goldfish crackers.
"Pirates are adorable," I remarked. "Ryley'll look so cute! You'll have to send me a picture of him."
"And also, I decided that Ramona won't be going on the trip with us because she is totally afraid of airplanes. She'll be trick-or-treating at home with her father. Her father has already been to the place we are going and to be honest, he was not very fond of it. So, does Ryley have plans? Because he can go trick-or-treating with Ramona." I said.
By now, Ramona was on the trampoline jumping. "Take off your shoes, hon," I told her. She quickly obeyed.
"WAAAAAHHHH!" Seamore had woken up.
I calmly picked him up and cradled him. He stopped crying. I put him on the ground and he crawled over to Ryley.
I chuckled as Seamore rolled on the ground, getting his outfit completely dirty!
"Ugh, I forgot extra clothes!" I said. "Do you mind watching them as I go home and grab some clothes? We only live about two minutes away."
November 01, 2015 03:47AM
I was glad that Ryley hadn't woken Seamore up. He probably needed his rest. Babies that young needed lots of sleep or they got fussy and cried a lot.

Ryley smiled at Ramona, reaching out a hand and trying to grab her. I walked over to him and lifted him out of the bouncy ride, placing him down in the sandpit. He just sat and watched Ramona, curious about meeting another new kid.

I smiled at Julie's comment "Thanks. I think so too. I bought him a little costume online" I didn't really have time to sew one or know how to, so I had ordered one instead. "Sure, I'll send you some of the pictures I get of him, if I can get him to sit still long enough"

"Oh wow, really? I'm sure Ryley would love to go trick-or-treating with Ramona. I'll bring him around in the late afternoon then, just before it gets dark. We can all go together"

Ryley had picked up a blue plastic spade from the sandpit and was currently hitting the sand with it, then chewing on the handle part, sand particles getting in his mouth. He looked around when Seamore was put near him and immediately dropped the plastic toy in excitement.

"Ah, ahhh!" 'Ah' was pretty much the only word he knew right now. He rolled around in the sand with Seamore, giggling and copying his friend. He was getting sand all over his clothes but he was having fun.

I looked at Julie and shrugged "Sure I don't mind a bit. See you in ten minutes or so. I'm just going to watch them playing in the playground. Will Ramona be okay on the trampoline by herself?"

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"Oh, yes." I said. "Ramona will be good as long as she is occupied with the trampoline, and she is, and she has animal crackers." I held a bag of animal crackers and walked over to the trampoline.
"When you are hungry, eat these." I told her, And Ramona took the bag.
I left for about 5 minutes, and came with a diaper bag filled with clothes.
"Thank you so much for watching them. Was there any problems?" I said.
After she answered, I walked over to Ramona who was on the trampoline. I picked her up and walked over to picnic table with nobody on it. I quickly took off her dress and put some play clothes on her.
"Run along, Ramona," I said. Ramona ran to the slide and played on it.
"Can't have her wearing a dress on the trampoline." I told Miranda.
After that, I changed Seamore's clothes and put him by the fountain. I had forgotten about the incident yesterday or so ago. Seamore got a big, wide grin on his face. He went feet first into the water, splashing really hard.
I chuckled. "I'm glad I went home and got more than one extra!" I said.
November 03, 2015 03:51AM
I nodded when she said Ramona would be fine and watched her leave. I made sure to keep an eye on both the little girl jumping on the trampoline, and the baby boys tussling in the sandpit.

Ramona, fortunately, seemed to be really good at the trampoline, and she didn't fall off. The boys just played happily the entire time.

When I saw Julie coming back down the path, I waved to her so she knew where we were. "Welcome back. Did you get everything you needed?" I said, looking at the diaper bag she was carrying. It looked pretty full, which was understandable when she had so many little ones to care for. I smiled when she thanked me "No problem. And no, everyone's fine. Ramona's a good little jumper" I chuckled, watching the tiny girl playing on the trampoline. "She's got very good motor skills for her age".

I looked back at Ryley and Seamore in the sandpit and let out a groan. "Oh no. Not again!" Ryley had a mouthful of sand and was drooling everywhere, wet sand running down his chin. He was a mess. "Why do you always eat the sand. That's so yucky!" I laughed, while groaning again. I fetched the wet wipes out of his diaper bag, knelt down beside the sandpit and wiped Ryley's face off as much as I could. "Spit. Spit, spit it out. That's yucky, eugh!" I said, making a face.

Ryley laughed at the sound effect I made, kicking his little legs and waving his hands. He didn't seem to care that he had a mouthful of icky sand two seconds ago. I picked Ryley up out of the sandbox, dusting off his clothes. "I think that's enough time in the sand for you, mister sand monster. Let's go and play with Seamore some more, okay?" I carried him to the fountain and placed him straight into the water. He was only going to get in it himself anyway.

Ryley squealed excitedly and splashed his hands in the water, like he did at bath time. He splashed Seamore, giggling as he started a water fight.

I stood next to Juliette, watching our babies playing in the water. "Oh I know what you mean" I said, rolling my eyes with a dramatic sigh "We go through SO many sets of clothes in one day. You wouldn't know someone so little could make so much mess" I laughed. "Our washing machine is always busy" I sat down at the edge of the fountain and dabbled my feet in the water. It was a hot day. "So, how are the rest of your babies doing? Are they feeling any better? I remember they were sick last time we met"

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I thanked Miranda on her compliment on my daughter. "She's very wild. She never settles down. It's annoying at times, especially at bed time."

I watched Ryley eat the sand. "My daughter Emily used to do that, especially with dirt." I said. "She got taken away."

Once Ryley was in the water, Seamore and him had a water war. Seamore giggled and laughed. Pretty soon, Ramona was in the water, splashing away. She splashed and splashed.
I ran over there and pulled her out of the water. "I don't have much clothes for you, Ramona. Your dress is not good for play time. We'll have to put some of Logan's old clothes on you." I sighed. I quickly explained to Miranda, "Logan was my son. He got taken away."
I changed Ramona into Logan's old clothes. Ramona went to the swings. Pretty soon, Seamore inhaled some water and started choking. I groaned and picked him up, hitting his back. He quickly recovered. I put him back in the water and the war was back on.
"We have to have two laundry machines!" I sigh. "My kids never stop." I thougt for a second. "My kids are doing fine. When do you think you'll have Risa?" I asked, dabbing my feet in the water.
Ramona started crying. "I'm hot!!!" She screamed.
I sighed. "Come here." I told her. Sh ran over to me and i gave her an icepack. "No water." i said.
She took the ice pack and ran to the slide.
"She gets rather whiney when she's too hot." I told Miranda.
After a while, Ramona came back. The icepack had been melted. "I... AM... HOT!" She screamed, throwing herself on the ground, kicking and screaming.
I quickly picked her up, apologized to Miranda for her atrocious behavior and went over to the picnic table.
"Ramona Elizabeth Garrett!" I growled. "Your behavior is unacceptable! We are calling your father to pick you up."
"NOOOOO!!" Ramona cried. "I don't wanna!"
"Okay, then, you can take nap. It's your choice." I said.
"NOOOO!" Ramona wailed. "I wont!"
I raised an eyebrow angrily. I picked up my screaming daughter and with my free hand, I called my husband, Jerry.
"Hello?" Jerry answered the phone.
"Hi, it's me, Julie," I said. "Can you pick up Ramona from the park?"
"Why?" Jerry asked.
"She is having a huge temper tantrum." I sighed.
"NOOOOOOOO!" Ramona screamed and kicked and pounded her fists on my shoulder and cried. "I'm not!"
"I get it." Jerry said, hearing Ramona. "I'll be there in about two minutes."
"Okay, thank you." I said, hanging up.
"I DON'T WANNA GO HOME!!!" Ramona said, red in the face.
"Shush!" I snapped. "This is very bad." I leaned over and spanked my daughter. I was furious.
"Good." I said.
Jerry came over to Ramona and me. He saw Ramona and took her from me.
I walked away to Miranda. "I am soooo sorry for her bratty attitude."
I looked at Seamore and his face looked like he had just eaten a lemon. I groaned and rushed over to him before he could cry. I picked him up and cradled him.
"He is crying because Ramona was screaming so loud." I said wearily. Pretty soon, Seamore had stopped. I put him in the fountain.
"Ugh. They are acting up right now. I hope you don't resent them for it. They are actually really sweet kids." I said.
November 05, 2015 06:13AM
((Sorry it's taken me a while to respond. I was at work all day yesterday and today I have lots of role plays to catch up on.))

I stayed in the park with Juliette and her kids, just chatting and enjoying the weather. It was pretty hot today, perfect for swimming. I fished out the sunblock container and re-applied sunscreen lotion onto Ryley and myself. We had to be careful not to get sunburned. Ryley fussed and tried to turn away from it but I applied it to his skin anyway. Babies' skin was so much more delicate than an adult's.

"Oh? That's right. I mentioned something about Risa didn't I?" I smiled, excited about the thought of getting a daughter. "Actually, I'm adopting her from the storks, same as Ryley. I'm just making sure I save up enough first so I can buy all the things she needs" I explained. Babies were kind of expensive. "I have a spare bedroom that I still need to redecorate. I'm not sure what colour to paint it yet"

I said hi to Julie's husband, Jerry, waving at him since it was hard to be heard over Ramona's tantrum and Seamore's crying. Once Jerry had left with the little girl, I turned back to Julie. "It's okay. She's probably just overtired. It is pretty warm today. The heat can make you feel tired and cranky if you stay out in it too long" I said, empathizing with her.

I waved a hand. "No, I'm not worried at all. Believe me, Ryley has his moments. He hates being put down for nap time and bed time. I don't know why little kids hate sleeping so much but he always puts up such a fuss" I shook my head. "Oh well, I'm hoping he'll tire himself out with swimming" I kicked my feet in the cool water, the spray from the fountain's dome splashing me. "You know, we should go to the pool or the beach sometime. It's perfect weather for it!" I said. "Ramona can come too if she doesn't mind hanging out with two little boys" I said, meaning Seamore and Ryley.

Ryley crawled over to me and stood up, holding my legs for balance. He was dripping water all over me. "Ah! Ahhh" he said, drooling a bit. "Oh, someone's getting hungry" I checked my watch "Hmm, yup, it's lunch time. Time for some nummy milk and baby cereal" I picked Ryley up out of the water and went and sat under the shady tree nearby. I got his diaper bag and began looking in it for his food.

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!

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I saw Miranda put sunlotion on Ryley.
"I already put sunlotion. I put it on them everyday," I told her. "Did you know that you can even get sunburns when it is cloudy outside?"
"That's great. Adopting is better. I'd rather save a life than make a life!" I said. "That sounded mean, though, what I just said. Like I don't want to make a life. But I do, just adopting's better. Recently I haven't been adopting babies." I smiled. "An extra room? For your baby Risa when you get her?"
"Thanks for understanding" I said. "One minute, Ramona's fine, the next minute, she's having a full on temper tantrum." I saw Jerry waving at Miranda. "I would love to some time!"
Name Lilly
Age 29
kids Jack
Looks: A beautiful Mexican girl with delightful black curly hair. Thin, tall. I have gorgeous blue eyes and a perfect nose and wonderful mouth. I am pretty much flawless!

I go to the park with my baby. He is in the stroller. I only see a couple of children. They are filthy. I see some in the fountain.
I also saw a screaming girl. As the father passed me, I said, "You have a very bratty girl." I had to say it very loudly so he could here me. i said to Jack, "You aren't aloud to play with them."
I move on and go to the swings.
"Ugh, filled with germs." I sneered. "Jack, that is disgusting. You aren't to be disposed to germs."
I walk over to the fountain. The two ladies were jabbering on and on, putting their disgusting feet in the water.
"Uck. Ugly, icky kids in the water plus hideous slimy feet? EW!" I rolled my eyes at them, giving them my You're-so-stupid face.
I walked over to the slide. It had dirt on it!
"EWWWW! Jack, it has dirt! Can you believe it? GROSS!" I hurried Jacks stroller away.
"Hmph. This is the stupidest, filthiest, ickiest, grossest play ground in the world! And it has hideous people! Ugh I'm so disgusted!"

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November 07, 2015 01:51AM
I listened to Julie's remark about the sun lotion. "Yeah. I just thought I should re-apply it because it washes off in the water after two hours or so" I smiled. "I sunburn easily, because I have pale skin and Ryley has delicate skin because he's still so little, so I just like to make sure to be safe" I said, putting the bottle of sunscreen lotion away.

I glanced up at the sky. There were a few small whiffs of clouds but nothing that looked substantial. "Yeah, I know. It's so weird. I don't know how the sun manages to get through all those clouds"

I found Ryley's bottle, and placed it in his mouth, holding him in my arms. He suckled at the stage two formula hungrily, drinking it down very fast. "Hehe, someone's worked up an appetite from all their playing" I said fondly, ruffling Ryley's tuft of wet hair. I listened to Juliette. "Hmm, I think both ways are good. Adopting gives someone a chance they wouldn't otherwise have, but having your own is also special. It just depends on people's situation and personal preferences" I smiled at her "Don't worry. You don't sound mean"

I nodded when she asked about the spare bedroom. "Uh-huh! I have to get it all ready for my baby girl"

"That's just normal behavior for toddlers" I said calmly. "Ramona probably just doesn't know how to control her emotions yet, so they take over and it ends up in a tanty" I looked at Ryley, laughing a little. "I am sure this little guy will give me a run for my money when he reaches that age. Won't you RyRy?"

Ryley gurgled at me from around his bottle of milk, some milk escaping and dribbling down his chin. I wiped it off with a bib from his diaper bag. "What a messy boy" I cooed at him. I looked over to Seamore. "Did you bring any lunch for Seamore? I've got some baby food and some snacks if you want any. I brought some food for myself too, if you're hungry"

Explore what it's like to raise your own baby!
As Jerry went by Lilly, he muttered stuff no one could hear. Then, Ramona kicked Lilly with her dirty shoes.

I smiled. "I have food, thanks for asking!" I pulled out a bowl of chicken soup. "Want some?" I had brought two containers. "I guess Seamore looks hungry, huh?"
Seamore was gazing at Ryley's food. He held out his hands and started grabbing the imaginary bottle.
I picked up Seamore and grabbed his bottle out of the back of his stroller. Istarted to feed him, and he took big fast gulps.
I had a worried look on my face. I took the bottle out of his mouth. "Don't, Seamore. You must take small drinks, not so fast, or you'll get a tummy ache or the hiccups." I turned to Miranda and said, "That used to happen to Ramona, but it doesn't happen to all kids. ALL my kids do it. AND in Jerry's family, they are humongous over-reactors. I'm not and I wish that just ONE of my babies would not overreact."
"We'll have to do something together after Risa's here. I'd love to see her." I said

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I yelled as the brat kicked me. It left a dirty mark on me. I pushed the girl out of the father's hands and she fell on the ground. I kicked her and moved on. As I went by, the wheel on the stroller ran over her hand.
I walked over to the fountain.
"I hate your hair." i said.
I grabbed the milk out of Julie's hand.
"Gross, you let your baby drink that stuff?" I rolled my eyes and threw it over my shoulder. it landed in a bush.
"Risa's a stupid name." I remarked. "You should know what that feels like to have a stupid name since you all have one. I don't know the feeling since I have a perfect name and so does my son, Jack."
"Seamore? Isn't that a last name?" I sneered. I picked him up and looked at him. He started to drool, so I threw him in the fountain. He started to cry very loudly.
"What a loud child," I said. "He's much to fat."
I looked at Seamore and he had a scrape on his head.
I picked up Ryley next and looked at him. "He's hideous." I said. I threw him in the fountain also and walked away.
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