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BabyValley's boards ! Help

May 07, 2010 07:53PM
How do you play the game and make sure that your kids are well taken care of

Edit Sarabi : proper title please, short and precise

Nahla Sanders

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May 07, 2010 08:05PM
| Admin

The help topic is here: [boards.babyvalley.co.uk]
We don't need you to open a topic everytime someone is new, if not the boards will get too full!!

Everything you need to know is this:

What to buy:

At the very start of the game you need to buy (lowest quantity of all to start):
-Stage 1 milk (no food until 4 months old)
-Bottle Kit
-3/4 toys (make sure they're the right age group)
-A stroller, 100% quality 31,2 inches.
-A bed, 100% quality 23,4 inches.

^^ Your original 600bbc should be enough to fund this, if not look below for some things to earn more.

Save graffiti, clothing, health certificates and personalising your personal page for later, when your baby is happy and settled.

How to Play:

Every 30 minutes a stork comes along with a letter telling you what you need to do to make your baby happier. Make sure you read this and follow the instructions on it. For example say if you ran out of milk and their nutrition went down, it wouldn't start going back up again for another 30 minutes, so the storks have time to review the situation. If you don't get a letter, then congratulations! Your baby is 100% happy and healthy.

You don't have to feed, change the diaper, or bathe your baby, it happens automatically, just buy everything they need for it. You just have to sterlise their bottles once a day, to stop them getting ill. Do this by clicking on your babys head, then health, then sterlise bottles. You have to set your babies baths to 7 a week, but providing you haven't all ready fiddled with this it should already be on 7.

To put your baby to bed, click on home, then click on your baby's head, then click on check out sleeping, and click on your bed. Don't take your baby in and out of bed - leave him/her there all the time!! Follow the sime directions to put your baby in their stroller, but click on happiness instead.

Earning BabyCoins:

-You daily income. It's in "Taking Care of my Baby", then scroll down and click on 'incomes' then scroll down and you can train for better jobs, click there.
-Benefits every 3 days (50bbc) per baby after they are over a month old.
-First visit to your personal page (80bbc)
-Godson, it may work, it may not. (30bbc)
-You can buy BBC.
-Sell items (but not makeover clothes or food/milk)
-Confirm your email address (30bbc)

Sick Babys:

Your baby may get sick. If they do so you'll know as they'll have a thermometre in their mouth. If they don't then they're not sick. You have to visit the pediatrician and they'lll tell you what illness they have and what to do to cure it. Sometimes your baby will look sad but it doesn't mean they're ill - they may just need for example a bigger stroller.

^^That is all the "baby" part of 'babyvalley.'

The Valley:

The "valley" part consists of: the boards, the guestbook, mailing other players, decorating your personal page and visiting others, putting your babies in your house and visiting others, the chat room and graffittis.

If you wanna start all over now that you know the game better, click on 'Taking care of my baby', scroll down and click on 'Restart' (in a purple box).

PS : we're always happy to help, but please have a look on titles before opening a topic. Somebody asked exactly the same thing as you.

French, so all grammar and spelling atrocities are mine - I don't do it on purpose, honest.

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May 07, 2010 08:19PM
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I've now tagged this topic so it will stay at the top of the page as it's a common question. smiling smiley

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