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BabyValley's boards ! Help

April 20, 2010 07:28PM
| Admin
Hello everyone !

Drawing contests are becoming regular on the site and I thought you would be happy to learn some basic (and not so basic) things to draw a beautiful outfit for your baby.

Drawing is mostly pleasure, but some technical explanations never hurt wink

Manual of tutorial :
- Everything will be done in Paint since it’s the most basic program, and basic is always better. I use Windows 7 so it might be a little different from older versions, but I will use the same tools – only things you can do.
- I will try to do tutorials from basic for the kids category, to full-blown for adults. It will be specified on top.
- Drawing takes time. The best thing you can do is to have some nice music in background. It helps a lot.
- This subject is closed to answers as – proved by experience on the French site – it can get a little hectic. If you want we to explain something, don’t hesitate to send me a message.
- You don’t have to be a genius to draw. Everybody can draw. The only limit is your imagination, and the time you’re allotted for computer use.

Using Paint :
- I may not use the exact terms in the menus, as I use the French version. But you should understand.
- Take. Your. Time. I’ll never say it enough. Each contest is two weeks long.
- Save your image in .png (scroll down a bit in the lower menu when saving). gif and jpeg slaughter the image, and bmp can’t be used on the net.
- Save often, especially after a successful step.

And the most important : don't worry if you don't do fine at first try. It will come. You just need time to learn.
French, so all grammar and spelling atrocities are mine - I don't do it on purpose, honest.

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April 20, 2010 07:33PM
| Admin
Level : basic.

You may find yourself with your baby lost in a big ocean of white : it takes a lot of place and your baby is tiny.

To crop the image, select in a square around the baby (dotted line).
(funny : click without releasing, your baby moves… and if you pull on a side, it stretches him)


File/New image (don’t save)

Here you should have a white square about an inch wide.


Done ! You only have to save your image.
French, so all grammar and spelling atrocities are mine - I don't do it on purpose, honest.
April 23, 2010 10:11PM
| Admin
Tools and home-made colors
Level : basic

Before we get into complete outfits, let’s get better accounted with our software.

General look (click for full size) :


Free selection : like selection, but in a free form (freehand).
Square selection : the one we use the much. Square or rectangle… I’m just too lazy to say “rectangle”.
Both selections are used to copy/cut/paste. Particularity : you can make the background transparent (will be seen later)
Eraser : like a brush, but in background color. I don’t use it a lot as we can use the brush. Different sizes, always square.
Filler : only in a one-color background.
Color picker : useful for a color which isn’t in the palette. Note : you cannot modify a picked color.
Magnifier : only to zoom in x2, x6, x8
Pencil : only one size, one pixel wide.
Brush : square or round, three sizes.
Spray : three sizes. Very fast. When held, produces a circle (sometimes missing one or two pixels).
Text : will be seen later.
Straight line : four sizes.
Curvy line : Begins like a straight line, but you can “drag” it. Will be seen later.
Square, circle etc : line width is chosen when in line. 3 options : Frame alone, center alone (using background color), frame + center.
Free form : straight lines, as you wish, to form a closed form.

The ones I use the most are pencil, brush, straight line and filler – sometimes selections, it depends of what I do (inserting an image).
Oh, and magnifier. A lot.

Don’t hesitate to explore, test etc. It’s your sandbox, you may do everything you want.

Create colors

Very, very useful as Paint offers only 28 colors.

You can only modify the colors from palette, not picked ones.

Double-click on the color you want to modify. You get this :

If you see something you like, double-click on it.

If you’re looking for something more specific (for a shadow or a dull color), click on the long rectangle under the white squares. You get this :

1 : color
2 : “color saturation” : from bright to grey
3 : luminosity

In high school, I used this image to explain color could be schematized in a cube ^^

Look for your color and when finished, double-click on the rectangle in bottom – the one circled in red.

Your home-made color is now in the palette (instead of the original color) and on the foreground color.

PS : Relax - it's long because it's exhaustive (or tries to), not because it's difficult.
French, so all grammar and spelling atrocities are mine - I don't do it on purpose, honest.

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